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NJ, Baltimore, THE END.
June 12, 2012 - Baltimore, Maryland, United States
  NJ It was so fun to perform at “home” in NJ. Our audience included visits from our director, choreographer, and agents. I was overjoyed by my friends who commuted from NYC to see the show and give their support. Ms. Deana and some of my ballet students also came to the show. I was so happy to see them and see their faces light up when they got to meet the horses. After the show on Sunday, the dancer's headed back to NYC for a few days.  The riders had to leave in the morning with the...
By Stephanie in Steph's Travels

May 18, 2012 - Riley's Marina, Essex Md, Maryland, United States
This is a journal of the adventures of Syrena on the Chesapeake Bay, the ICW, and the Bahamas.
By Glen in Syrena

Camden Yard - Baltimore Orioles
September 19, 2010 - Baltimore, Maryland, United States
  Most simply call it Camden Yard, but the official name of the Baltimore Orioles’ ballpark that opened in 1992 is Orioles Park at Camden Yard. It is the first of many ballparks that has captured the “retro” feel and character of former baseball stadiums. Built on the site of the former Baltimore & Ohio Railroad’s rail station, Camden Yard incorporates the old B&O Warehouse (longest building on the East Coast but only 51’ wide) into its overall landscape by placing it just beyond...
By DeBe & Kenneth in Touching All the Bases

Home Base
July 24, 2010 - Laurel, Maryland, United States
 Most of my travels will begin from my home base in Laurel, MD. I am looking forward to two trips later this year:  to Lake Tahoe, California, and to Portland, Maine. I look forward to sharing photos from my travels!
By Patsy in Patsy's Travel Adventures

Travel Epilogue
May 28, 2010 - Baltimore, Maryland, United States
 So ends our 13 day whirl-wind tour of Europe. I can say for all of us it was fantastic trip!  It was also a humbling experience for us all. The whole family took notice of how different, yet similar the people of each country are to us and to one another.  We all share the same socio-economic woes but Europeans seem to do it with much more grace, except maybe for the British Parliament.  They seem ready to go into a scrum at the drop of a hat! The Europeans certainly seemed more liberal...
By 2010 European Adventure in Bunn Family European Adventure

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