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Gladwin, Michigan
November 28, 2010 - Gladwin, Michigan, United States
 Today is our last day in Gladwin before heading down to Detroit tomorrow. Yesterday we woke to the view of snow falling and settling on the ground for a short time. It looked beautiful, but did not last more than a few hours. We had an unexpected visit from Mary and Tom Barker. Mary had been a teacher at North Farmington HS when Ross did his exchange there in 1966-67 and has also a good friend of the Huber family for many years. It was a joyous reunion for Ross and there was much to talk...
By Birgit in All Gone to Look for America

Magic Moments in Telluride
November 27, 2010 - Gladwin, Michigan, United States
 These memories were recorded during the 5 hour wait at Montrose airport. We thought Marcy and Todd might enjoy the read. Feel free to share your experiences by copying and pasting the questions at the end and posting in Comments! Send the link to other guests to complete.  Uncle Bob - groom's dad Wow' moment:             Cade walking Grandma down the aisle I loved:                         The Castle (Castlewood - the house rented by the bridal party)...
By Birgit in All Gone to Look for America

Lots to be thankful for in Gladwin, Michigan.
November 25, 2010 - Gladwin, Michigan, United States
 Today is Thanksgiving Day in the USA and we are shorlty heading off for lunch at Kierstin and Josh's house. Kierstin is Thom and Pam's daughter. Turkey is being prepared and all the accompanying salads and deserts made. Yum...  Found some Rosemount Wines from Australia to take to lunch. The grapes probably came from Mudgee. Yesterday I spent some time at Kierstin's school talking to her 3rd Grade class, and then presenting vis PC and data projector to the whole of 3rd grade about...
By Birgit in All Gone to Look for America


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