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September 2, 2007 - Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States
:D It's almost 2:30 in the morning here in Michigan, and while I'm slightly jet-lagged from the Cali trip last week, i'm so excited for Oxford that the combination of jet-lag and Oxford excitement is keeping me well awake while I watch Bridget Jones. I'll be heading out from Gerald Ford Airport about 12 hrs from now, then a direct flight from Cincinnati to London, and finally an hour and a half bus ride to Oxford from Gatwick airport. I was blessed to spend time with great friends in...
By Aldene in Oh the places we will go!

June 19: Flight Take 2
June 20, 2007 - Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States
So, it's 6:30 p.m. You may think we are FAR FAR away. You would be correct... if you are in Madrid. We are STILL sitting in Grand Rapids Airport. Our Flight was supposed to leave at 2:45 to Atlanta, and we got delayed... again... and again... and again (due to weather). The flight attendant attempted to get us a new way to Madrid, since we clearly missed our flight. Then they wouldn't validate our tickets for the SAME flight that was finally leaving. So, we got stuck out of security with...
By Justin & Erin DeWind in España

Flying out of GR
June 19, 2007 - Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States
Well, we made it to the airport on-time with all of our luggage only to discover that our flight to Chicago was canceled due to thunderstorms. The next available flight left at 3:00 the next day, with a different airline and with a different stop. It was a bummer because we had picked the perfect flight plan, only to have it totally overhauled yesterday. So, today, we'll fly with Delta instead of American, and make a stop in Atlanta, Georgia (known as the black hole of luggage). We're still...
By Justin & Erin DeWind in España


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