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We're on the long journey home
July 8, 2017 - Saco, Montana, United States
By 8:30 a.m. we were heading out of Glacier National Park.  This trip just reinforced that Glacier is one my favorite places in the world.  I could easily spend weeks there exploring more challenging trails, fishing, and truly have great moments in nature.  It is a magical place. At 10:00 a.m. I was turned around in the car watching the mountain range recede behind me.  I felt heaviness in my chest; as though the oxygen was being sucked out of me.  Along the road lay a bloated dead cow....
By Kelly and Bill in Bill and Kelly's Excellent Adventures

Avalanche Lake and a dip in Lake McDonald
July 7, 2017 - Glacier National Park,, Montana, United States
It was our last full-day in the park.  Boo!  After saying good-by to Nicholas and Stephanie we finally started on the trail to Avalanche Lake that begins right off our campground area.  I did this trail with my parents around 40 years ago and with my sons twenty years ago.  It has been wonderful to make so many new memories here with Bill and to share some of my old adventures with him as well.  This was the only hike we did in 1997.  Bill and I had surpassed that already. The morning...
By Kelly and Bill in Bill and Kelly's Excellent Adventures

St. Mary and Virginia Falls with Many Glacier
July 6, 2017 - Glacier National Park,, Montana, United States
We are loving this campground!  Finally we have had quiet nights of sleeping.  Most folks here are pretty serious about being in nature I think.  I suspect their days are as or more so, filled than ours and we’re all tired.  It really doesn’t get dark until almost 11:00 but I’m adjusting to going to bed in the light.  Bill said he heard some grunting or snorting in the night.  He figured it was a deer.  There were some ladies in the restroom this morning talking about a...
By Kelly and Bill in Bill and Kelly's Excellent Adventures

The trail to Hidden Lake
July 5, 2017 - Hidden Lake Trail, Glacier National Park, Montana, United States
Neither one of us had a good night sleep last night.  As a result, we decided we needed to shower before we could get up and running.  We finally left camp around 12:30 to explore the Going to the Sun Road.  Shortly before we began to make the 3,000+ foot ascent to Logan’s Pass we passed a commotion in some huckleberry bushes alongside the road.  Someone was already pointing out a brown bear that could only be seen in glimpses as he or she made a fast meal of the fruit.  But, at least...
By Kelly and Bill in Bill and Kelly's Excellent Adventures

North to Glacier!
July 3, 2017 - West Glacier, Montana, United States
We were up bright and early this morning to begin the long journey to West Glacier, Montana.  Bill had the opportunity to practice dumping the black water tank for the first time prior to leaving Canyon campground.  We also did a brief stop at Norris Geyser Basin where we’d found no parking the first time through.  I recalled Echinus Geyser that was pretty spectacular.  We headed for it after a quick stop at Steamboat springs.  Son-of-a-gun!  How things change.  Echinus Geyser has...
By Kelly and Bill in Bill and Kelly's Excellent Adventures

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