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The Drowsy Chaperone II!
August 17, 2009 - Bellport, New York, United States
  The Drowsy Chaperone II!     Hello again!  Things here up in Bellport have been great.  People call it Camp Gateway, because it has a summer camp feel.  The weather has been absolutely wonderful.  Lots of sunshine and blue skies.  We have been very fortunate and haven’t had much rain.  However, a few days have been extremely hot, which made for some very sweaty shows.  I don’t know if I mentioned in my last entry, but I am understudying two roles in the show.  Our first...
By Matthew in Matthew's Travelogue!

The Drowsy Chaperone!
July 31, 2009 - Bellport, New York, United States
  Hey Everyone!   It’s about that time.  I just wanted to update everyone on what has been going on.  Right now, I am currently up in Long Island, NY.  I am performing in the show The Drowsy Chaperone at Gateway Playhouse.  We started rehearsals about two weeks ago and we just opened this past Wednesday.  The cast is awesome and very talented.  We all have been getting along so well.  It’s an older cast, compared to the other casts I have worked with in the past.  But I really...
By Matthew in Matthew's Travelogue!


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