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Good Vibes - Celestial Synchronicity
March 19, 2013 - Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Have any of you ever used a tuning fork? What a simple and yet profoundly interesting little tool. You just "boing" that little thing on something hard and solid and you "feel" the intense vibrations of this little metal tool in your hand, but you only hear a barely audible "sound." But....but....just put the end of that vibrating fork on some resonant surface and viola! Instant rich resonate sound! The surface you've placed the vibrating fork on comes "alive" with sound. The vibrations of...
By Rick in The R&R Trucker (Reluctant & Reflective)

Sabbatical over...
March 3, 2013 - Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Well, I think it's about time to return from my unplanned, unannounced sabbatical.  First up....I'm fine...I'm well, and I'd like to thank all of you who have pursued me with your concerns about my wellbeing in light of the blog going silent.  It's actually been quite an interesting and even "moving" thing....that there are those of you who actually "read" this blog, and have missed the usual postings.  I'm not resorting to false modesty here...I've always loved writing and have gotten...
By Rick in The R&R Trucker (Reluctant & Reflective)

A Tribute to My Father...
June 16, 2012 - Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
I awoke this morning in a real bed, nice and cozy. And you know that urge...the need to give back to nature first thing...so I strolled into an official bathroom...a private bath, clean, cozy, all my own. Even though I've learned to be so so appreciative for the versatile "cup" in my truck...LOL...It's so so extra nice to have an official bathroom. I know this borders on over-sharing....LOL...but you just gotta know how nice this is. It's especially nice for me, because this is not just any...
By Rick in The R&R Trucker (Reluctant & Reflective)

Last Words
April 30, 2009 - Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
  These are the last words I have to say, That’s why they took so long to write. There may be other words some other day, But that’s the story of my life.-Billy Joel   Well, I’m back…back on this blog, back in Charlotte, back into my LIFE.   It feels rather like I am starting my life, at least with a fresh understanding of it.   There’s an oft used concept about traveling to the ends of the world, only to return home and know it fully for the first time.   Well, I can’t...
By Billy in My Explorations

My Story
January 19, 2009 - Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Background I grew up a gifted child in a loving family  with my disabled sister two years younger than I and our parents who are still married and desperately.  I was "gifted" situationally: middle-class America is a dreamland compared to most of the rest of the world AND my home was full of love and support.  I was also "gifted" inherently.  I had the whole bag.  Intelligent, athletic, personable, decent looking (some might argue devastatingly handsome-HAH!) .  In my younger years,...
By Billy in My Explorations

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