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Curing OCBC (Over-Conservation of Brain Cells)
June 13, 2012 - Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Living a balanced and meaningful life is hard....why?  Because it requires so much damn thinking! And thinking about our life can be a real hard thing...there's just so many things to think about, decisions that have to be made, and complex situations to grapple with. Thinking about all of this can be so hard that many people just don't want to do it. It's almost like they think that thinking...uses up brain cells, and that there's just so many to go around, so they certainly don't want to...
By Rick in The R&R Trucker (Reluctant & Reflective)

Progressive Field - Cleveland Indians
July 23, 2010 - Cleveland, Ohio, United States
What’s in a name? Many of us have a difficult time calling the Cleveland Indians’ ballpark ‘Progressive Field’ since it was known as Jacobs Field or “The Jake” from the time it opened in 1994 until 2008. That’s when Progressive Corporation bought the naming rights for $3.6 million a year. My curiosity and research led me to find out that companies have traditionally paid around $2.5 million annually for ballpark naming rights. But regardless of the name or its cost, the...
By DeBe & Kenneth in Touching All the Bases

Day 1
April 25, 2010 - Cleveland, Ohio, United States
 I watched Ratatoulle last night (i have no clue how to spell Ratatoulle).  and then this morning i got woken up at, like, five thirty because the people in one of the neighboring rooms had their TV on really really lound.  And right now I'm barely awake and I need to get ready to go to the airport.  our plane leaves at nine i think. and then we go to LA and then we fly to San Diego! :)  
By Tian in Trip to China (and several other places)

Day one-boring
April 24, 2010 - Cleveland, Ohio, United States
 I meant to write while I was sitting in the Burlington Airport but the laptop wouldn't connect me to the wifi server there. anyway,  while i was at the Airport in Burlington Mom and I went up to the lounge to wait until we had to board our plane.  the tables in the lounge were so cool!  under the glass table protector thingamajigers were a bunch of tickets to random places.  I don't remember any exactly but i do remember one that said "trip to america-from quebec".  i think that it's...
By Tian in Trip to China (and several other places)

To Pie or Not to Pie?
July 4, 2008 - Cleveland, Ohio, United States
One 10 hour drive, a few games of Shanghai, 3 cones of ice cream from Katie's, one lost cell phone, and a day full of torrential rainstorms, we've almost made it- contrary to Mackenzie's and my thoughts only 3 hours ago, we will be making our flight to Newark AND our connection to Manchester.  Then the real journey can begin. Sitting in your typical airport restaurant,  Mackenzie and I are contemplating the prospects of ordering an apple pie- and if so- with or without ice cream?  (We...
By Savannah in Savannah @ Fuzzy Travel


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