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Deep in the Heart of Texas
May 28, 2013 - San Antonio, Texas, United States
 Moving out of Lafayette, we drove past the rice paddies and crawfish farms of Louisiana into the Lone Star State of Texas. We're staying at the Fairmount Hotel in San Antonio. The hotel was built in 1906 (We like old things. Perhaps that's why we're still together) but the amazing story is that the hotel was moved in the mid "80s. Go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oNEeULPs_Q or search for Fairmount San Antonio move to see a 17 minute documentary video on the move. It's worth watching....
By William in On The Road Again

Time to leave my comfy "Nest" for adventure ....
February 5, 2013 - San Antonio, Texas, United States
 It is finally time for me to leave my wonderful "Howie Hotel" to travel on and experience more adventures.    It is so, so hard to leave my comfy bed and services like .... maid, chef, dish cleaner, laundry workers, etc. but I have to do it before I forget how to do all those things.   Howard and Penny were so, so good to me and their comforts were appreciated.   I could count on so much every day ... like cocktail hour around 5,  ..... smoking, toting and jokin with Howie in the...
By Dave in The Winter Adventure of 2012-2013

Rio Grande Valley and "almost" Mexico .... ?
December 27, 2012 - San Antonio, Texas, United States
 It is now the day after Christmas and my hope is that you all had the best of Christmas' and enjoyed the holidays to the utmost.   My Christmas was really great ..... although I miss everyone I did have the best of company down in Texas with Jake, Aggie, and their friends.   Connie kept me company by phone also .... it was a fine Christmas.   I also got to talk to Terri and Jim and that meant so very much to me. It was quite the adventure down there in Ole Texas town of Alamo.   Got...
By Dave in The Winter Adventure of 2012-2013

San Antonio, TX
February 23, 2012 - San Antonio, Texas, United States
 The hotel in Salinas Hidalgo last night was very guiet, a good stop. On to Neuvo Laredo.  As we got closer, there was a long line of truck traffic.  A semi had taken a turn too fast, gone over the guardrail.  A very short drop, but the cab was pretty crunched.  Hopefully the driver wasn't hurt too badly.  Many semis stopped and the police were there. Lot of traffic was going to the border, very foggy.  Long line of trucks for inspection before NL.  A truck driver motioned us to get...
By Bob & Margie in Mexico 2012

San Antonio, TX
January 24, 2012 - San Antonio, Texas, United States
 Another day in San Antonio.  55 degrees this morning. Got an oil change this morning.  While we waited, we took a walk up San Pedro.  We happened upon San Pedro Park.  Had a very long reflecting pool which was a kid's wading pool during the summer season.  Lots of rock formations for water pools during open season, tennis, etc.  Many, many live oaks--interesting how the branches bend way down to the ground, twist and turn.  Must be very old. Took the car back to the hotel and walked...
By Bob & Margie in Mexico 2012

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