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Assignment - Part Trois
May 13, 2011 - Austin, Texas, United States
Ok, so, I leave the country in 2 days.   It's May 13th.  My assignment with Doctor's Without Borders has changed 3 times.  A leave date of Aug 1 to Central African Republic, then June 1st to Cote D'Ivoire; now May 15th.  So, I've been a fucking frazzled dumbass - so many ties to cut when you are a "responsible adult".  Someone to watch my sweet pups for me; someone to watch my car (and start it once a week, or month, or whatever...); someone to rent my house - and a lease and a bunch of...
By Julia in Ghost

April 16, 2011 - Austin, Texas, United States
So, I'm coming to terms with CAR. Back to Africa.  I love Africa.  I'm not sure whether maybe I feel more home there because it reminds me of myself.  Probably a lot of potential - such rich natural resource there - but just too much inner turmoil to really make a real go at it.  Doomed  because its insides just can mobilize in a productive direction.  But, being in Africa, you can't help but be overwhelmed by it's beauty.  I did a semester of Wildlife Biology in Kenya - so all that...
By Julia in Ghost

Introduction - Flesh
April 14, 2011 - Austin, Texas, United States
I always felt like I was supposed to do something bigger than just "live."  I think because of that, reflecting on life at 36 has been frustrating.  Sort of a let down.  Don't get me wrong, I look for opportunity, I strive to work hard at what I do so that it will be impactful, but nothing seems to fill me up.  I guess kids would have been the fulfilling thing that would have completed my life; to bring something into this world that I could make better than myself.  But, that option...
By Julia in Ghost

State Capitol Building & LBJ Museum & Library
June 17, 2010 - Austin, Texas, United States
We got up early, showered and went downstairs to the hot breakfast that the hotel offers. During breakfast chat we decided to get a taxi to take us downtown instead of trying to fight the traffic and parking space (good choice). The taxi dropped us off right on the front of the state capitol. We took a few photos outside before going in thru the check point of about 6 dps (department of public safety - highway patrol officers).Since 9/11 all the government buildings along with others have...
By Yoli & Clive in USA Summer 2012

What Alamo?
June 8, 2010 - Austin, Texas, United States
"I before e, except after c...and "weird""- Lia just informed me of this. English has way too many exceptions to rules. Moving right along... Today is day 2 in Austin, Tx with my brother Ray. We decided lat night at dinner that we'd stay another night so that we can see the bats fly out from under the bridge at sunset. How could we miss that? Our last night in nawlins' was a good time. We tried to get into Jacque-Imos, which is apparently a ridiculously good restaurant since there was an hour...
By Lia in Movin right along


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