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April 15, 2011 - Austin, Texas, United States
Maitikoulou, Central African Republic. Maternity!    WTF!!!   Christ on a cracker!
By Julia in Ghost

Introduction - Skeleton
April 15, 2011 - Austin, Texas, United States
It was almost a year ago - April 22nd, to be exact - when everything was supposed to become so much better.  Looking back, I still don't know how or why I’m sitting here right now.  I took 55mg of Ativan and about 700mg of Benadryl.  It was all I had - and, it was a lot to drink down (I'd crushed, then mixed them in a big glass of water).  I opened the back door, left about 5 days of food and water out for my dogs and went to bed.  While "Dog the Bounty Hunter" (randomly) played in...
By Julia in Ghost

Day 2 - Austin, TX
January 5, 2011 - Austin, Texas, United States
 After a "hearty" continental breakfast at the hotel, we're off to Texas.  Our GPS Lady says to follow 35, so easy directions. More hawks along the freeway.  The Kansas team is the JayHawks, maybe related. Oklahoma welcomed us.  Stopped at the Welcome Center for a map.  Pretty flat, barren drive through Oklahoma.  But as we got closer to Texas, more rolling hills and rock walls.  There were several scenic turnouts, but this time of year they didn't look very scenic so we didn't stop...
By Margie and Bob in Mexico 2011

Goodbye Beaumont - Road to Austin
June 16, 2010 - Austin, Texas, United States
We rose early, showered & loaded the car before the family arrived to see us off. Mrs Garza cooked us some Nopales (cactus, egg & bean tacos) & some egg/bean tacos for the road. We would leave at 11am since Austin was a 5 hour drive from Beaumont & check in time was 3pm. We said goodbye Joe (Yoli’s Dad)early since he had to be at work & Cessy (Yoli’s niece) for the same reason. By 10am Chavela, Sylvana, Emily, Alma, Fati, Lorenzo , Mrs Garza, Yoli & myself were all seated around the table...
By Yoli & Clive in USA Summer 2012

Austin for Erin's Wedding
July 19, 2008 - Austin, Texas, United States
Side trip to The Oasis overlooking Lake Travis. Great view and not bad food.
By Mark in 2008 Travels

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