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Preparing to Leave Beaumont
June 15, 2010 - Beaumont, Texas, United States
We spent Monday & Tuesday preparing to leave Beaumont & start our journey back towards Los Angeles. On Monday we went to Walmart & Yoli gave the Walmart photo albums to one of her friends that still works at Walmart in the hope that she may be able to scan the photos & put them on DVD. Yoli did not want to give the albums to Walmart management in fear of them being discarded. Some of the family came over Monday night & we had left overs from the weekend. On Tuesday one more set of yoli’s...
By Yoli & Clive in USA Summer 2012

Hello & Goodbye Picnic
June 13, 2010 - Beaumont, Texas, United States
Today was a get together for not only the family, but some of Yoli’s Walmart friends both past & present. Since it is so hard to catch up with everyone, she decided to have a picnic at Rogers Park, Beaumont between 1-7pm so even those working today may have a chance to get down to say hello before we departed. We got up early to go shopping for supplies & prepare the food. Frank BBQ’ed the Zummo links & chicken (Thank you Frank). Lenis BBQ’ed the hot dogs (thank you Lenis). We also...
By Yoli & Clive in USA Summer 2012

Christmas in June
June 12, 2010 - Beaumont, Texas, United States
  Today would be the day the family would celebrate Christmas with us since we have not been able to be at any of the Christmas celebrations for the last 10 years. First up it was off to see Frank (brother in-law) deep fry the turkey. He had a 23 lb turkey for $9.00 – how much would a 23 lb turkey cost back in Aust? It’s a pretty hairy exercise as you are dealing with a big pot of hot oil & trying to insert a large, cold, moist bird into it hence the long trousers & gloves. All went well...
By Yoli & Clive in USA Summer 2012

Evening with niece Felicia & nephew in law,Jose
June 11, 2010 - Beaumont, Texas, United States
  June 11th, 2010 Evening with Felicia & Jose The morning was spent doing laundry and downloading photos from the previous days in the valley and Corpus Christi. We also went to Walmart to get the items we needed to make my cornbread dressing (given to me from an old co-worker from Walmart). We spent some of the afternoon cooking the cornbread so we wouldn't have to cook all morning on Saturday. We had a light lunch because we would be having dinner with my niece Felicia and her husband,...
By Yoli & Clive in USA Summer 2012

Road Back to Beaumont via Houston & Flora’s Birthd
June 10, 2010 - Beaumont, Texas, United States
Thursday June 10th 2010 Road Back to Beaumont via Houston & Flora’s Birthday We left Edroy at 9:30am & briefly stopped at the Restaurant to collect breakfast to have on the road. After an hour on the road we pulled in at a rest area near Victoria. We found a vacant picnic table & opened our breakfast bag to find bacon/egg tacos & bean/egg tacos – they were absolutely delicious! – thank you Ritchie & staff. We hit Houston at lunchtime & again went on south beltway 8 (Sam Houston...
By Yoli & Clive in USA Summer 2012

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