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October 28, 2009 - Da Lat, Vietnam
  The 165 km between Nah Trang and Dalat could have been a quite comfortable little drive, but that did not happen... The speed limit in Vietnam is 50 km/H for busses, but the standard of the roads makes this kind of speed a very rare phenomenon. When (after about 2 hours) the buss driver decides to do a little detour and pick up some of his buddies and then drop them off in some remote village we realized that this was not gonna be a relaxing trip. We arrived 8 1/2 hour after we set out, of...
By Fredrik in The Schnuckies World Trip

Three men and a big forest!
October 28, 2009 - Da Lat, Vietnam
Sunday, 25 October  6 AM – My alarm wakes me, although there’s not much to wake about me, since I hardly slept properly. Whether the noise came from the street (reasonable option since earlier that evening a motorbike with two huge sound speakers thought to cheer up the street with Vietnam’s latest pop crap – oh sorry, music that is) or from the hotel, where everybody seemed to know each other and had a desire to visit each other throughout the hotel. Third option could be I’ve...
By Ype in The road goes East...

Dalat, Vietnam
March 31, 2009 - Da Lat, Vietnam
We chose to come to Dalat to try and break up our trip across southern Vietnam and to see a little of the Vietnamese highlands. They were absolutely amazing. Imagine the Scottish highlands in a tropical climate with lots of big trees. It still had all the same rolling hills and beautiful views from mountain tops. Plus the best part was that it was cold! At least for us it was. We had gotten used to being in +30C weather and all of a sudden the temperature was a chilly 20 and rainy. It was the...
By David and Daniela in David and Daniela's "World" Tour

February 20, 2009 - Da Lat, Vietnam
We're pressed for time in Vietnam and so we decided to cover a huge stretch of distance in one day. From the Mekong Delta we head back into Ho Chi Minh City, and a few hours later take an overnight bus to Dalat. Dalat is a town in the more 'mountainous' central highlands area of Vietnam, and whenever we decided to pay attention to the driving, the ride through the mountains was pretty nerve-wrecking. It was pitchblack and no roadrails, and I'm pretty sure our driver just gambled each time...
By Ine and Thomas in Ine and Thomas

November 8, 2008 - Da Lat, Vietnam
Nunca me imaginé que diría esto, pero empezábamos a echar de menos el frío, o sobre todo el fresco. Después de 3 meses de sudar como pollos, sobre todo yo, se agradeció bastante cambiar un poco de aires, subir en altitud y llegar a esta zona elevada de Vietnam donde cambiamos el bañador por el forro polar. En este pueblecito de las montañas esta muy presente aún la influencia francesa, especialmente en la arquitectura. Había momentos, al pasearnos por las calles de Dalat, que...
By Mathilde y Veridiano in Trotasferis

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