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Stranger than Fiction
April 21, 2011 - Ha Noi, Vietnam
  I've had the run of the Infectious Diseases block in my last week (the B'ham students have moved on to the ED), and I've been getting stacks of teaching. The nice thing about having been on the ward for almost a week now is to see some of the patients get better and leave (yes, they do recover). On my way to visit the Stephen-Johnsons patient, I was passed on the stairs by the Penicilliosis man, on his way home, munching on a chunk of sugar cane which he waved cheerily at me. The S-J man...
By Maylin in Maylin's Elective 2011

Pagodas and pedalloes
April 18, 2011 - Ha Noi, Vietnam
"Are you Maylin?" demanded a young man, impatiently. My fork was poised halfway to my mouth, which hung open in amazement at him. "Er. Yes." "Then we go for tour now." "What? I haven't finished my breakfast and you're 10 minutes early." Pause. "Ok now we go." My fork was still suspended in mid-air; he hadn't even let me finish my mouthful. Anyone who has any sense knows not to get between a hippo and food. Or was it water? "I'm sorry, but may I just finish my breakfast, since you're early?...
By Maylin in Maylin's Elective 2011

Uneasy bedfellows
April 15, 2011 - Ha Noi, Vietnam
Thank you to everyone who's made comments- it's been really heartening to hear from loved ones, even thousands of miles away! I look back on when I naively described the cramped conditions and lack of resources in the Emergency Department in the hospital, and I laugh. Today is my second day in the Infectious Diseases department, and it has been what the English reservedly refer to as "an experience". Bearing in mind that the diseases in this department are by definition "infectious", you can...
By Maylin in Maylin's Elective 2011

Hoi An do I love thee, let me count the ways
April 13, 2011 - Ha Noi, Vietnam
I've always had a corner of my heart reserved for Hoi-An, since it seems to encompass everything that I love in life- the beach, old buildings and history, shopping, and fine cuisine. Like all good adventures, mine started with an overnight train. I travelled to Danang, and would take the bus to Hoi-An, where I would meet Maria, another Oxford medic, and Corinne, a Masters student, both working in Ho Chih Minh. I had visions of a filthy bunk affair, with me huddled in the corner, wide awake...
By Maylin in Maylin's Elective 2011

Dr. House eat your heart out
April 6, 2011 - Ha Noi, Vietnam
"That's not her baby; it's her spleen." I was told by hero doctor. The patient was my age; a tiny scrap of a person, the size of an 8yr old and just skin and bones. She was completely dwarfed by the huge, blue-veined mound of her stomach, which I had mistaken for a pregnancy. It was all spleen, with a liver (also enlarged) hiding just behind it- my very first case of splenomegaly, and it really was massive. She was the child of a consanguinous marriage with a severe haemolytic disorder. The...
By Maylin in Maylin's Elective 2011

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