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May 14, 2013 - Hue, Vietnam
Follow my blog with Bloglovin We had two days in Hue, which is a lovely town with more of a backpacker scene than the other places we'd visited so far. Hue has it's own food specialities and we went for lunch as soon as we arrived. Rach and Jules dived straight in, ordering a Hue banquet each. There was so much food: raw fish in banana leaf, shrimp soup, spring rolls, Hue pancakes etc. I've been suffering a bit with mosquito bites (I had a fight with a horse fly too. Seeing as I drew blood...
By Rhian in Rhian G

Train from Hanoi to Hue
May 9, 2013 - Hue, Vietnam
I feel this experience deserves its own blog entry. We arrived from the tour back to the cafe we booked it with. Some of the members of our group gave some "feedback" about the trip and we all scored a free round of drinks as a result. The others left to continue their journeys and we stayed for a quick bite to eat before our train, which was also given to us free of charge - win! Again, thanks Ali! We'd decided to take an overnight sleeper train for the 14 hour ride to Hue and were quite...
By Rhian in Rhian G

Last day in Hanoi; Ha Long Bay and Cat Ba Island
May 9, 2013 - Hue, Vietnam
Our last day in Hanoi was a lot more chilled. We had a lie in, Jules missed out on his pho breakfast and was grumpy, so then we went on a search for proper coffee to cheer him up. The vietnamese coffee is sweet and muddy and just, bleurgh. We found a lovely cafe serving Segafredo Italian coffee, sat by the lake for an hour or so, and Jules cheered up so much he bought us a round of cocktails. To answer your question mum, the cocktails are cheap too! We moved on to the French quarter next...
By Rhian in Rhian G

Huế and onwards
January 25, 2013 - Hue, Vietnam
The Gentleman: Just a quick one this time I promise. Last post was a tad excessive perhaps, but that's what happens when I have three and a half hrs to fill! We're still in Hue at the moment for one more night. Train tickets are booked to head down to the city of Danang in the morning. It's only a couple of hrs south but apparently has an amazing beach so looking forward to checking that out. Hue has actually been quite nice as well, more pleasant and relaxed than Hanoi anyway! We havnt had a...
By Chas And Tonya in An American and a Gentleman

Hanoi to Ha Long Bay and back again
January 24, 2013 - Hue, Vietnam
The Gentleman: Sitting here on yet another bus with yet another umpteen hrs of travel in front of me seems like a good time to update everyone on our movements over the last few days. We left Singapore very, very early last Saturday morning, catching our flight all the way to the north of Vietnam, to the city of Hanoi. I don't know if you noticed from our last couple of posts or all our pictures, but we kind of like Singapore. Kind of in a big way. So already Hanoi had a lot to live up to in...
By Chas And Tonya in An American and a Gentleman

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