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Days 20 and 21
September 9, 2012 - Shitayke Hot Springs, Zambia
Shitake Hot Springs, the most northerly point of our trip where we have stayed for the last 2 days is really heavenly. Our campsite is next to a fast-flowing river, although we are camped under a big tree a little back from the river as the only other campers when we arrived were 2 Dutch couples who were travelling through to Tanzania and they were camped next to the river. The Tanzanian border is only about 250 km from here. The campsite is part of the Shitayke Springs Lodge, so we have use...
By Mary in Wandering Old Fogies

Day 19 A tough Day
September 7, 2012 - Shitayke Hot Springs, Zambia
Set off early, bidding a sad farewell to Croc Valley. What a lovely place to have stayed. Then into South Luangwa National Park, and after paying entrance fees of US$80, set off across the park. It turned out to be rather dull road through mostly mopane forest with very little game that we could see. All the game is concentrated near the river on the East side during the dry season. As we drove through the park, Terry didn’t want to put the aircon on so as not to overload the motor as we...
By Mary in Wandering Old Fogies


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