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Mozambique to Zimbabwe - Beira to Harare
December 24, 2011 - Harare, Zimbabwe
A very sociable Belgium couple arrived at Biques (Beira) in a big old Reno overlander truck. Before they had even parked they had introduced themselves and got talking. Like many overseas tourists they had a vehicle which they would leave somewhere in Africa return home for a few months and then continue from wherever they had left off. Their old Renault had a few mod adaptations one was a wind mill mounted on the roof for generating power, weirdly congruent with their antiquated vehicle!...
By Alice in macsinafrica

Zimbabwe - Kariba, Mana Pools and Harare
June 23, 2011 - Harare, Zimbabwe
  The road to Chirundu – Zambian side, was a mixture of beautiful tar roads to terrible ones full of potholes and kamikaze drivers in buses, minivans and trucks. Closer to the border it was chaos and not far out of Chirundu we hit a pot hole so hard that Steve and Paula thought we were going to roll. We weren’t driving fast but were distracted by an oncoming truck that was rather too much on our side. The left back side of our caravan fell down a bit and Steve could see from behind that...
By Alice in macsinafrica

Zambia - Livingstone
June 14, 2011 - Harare, Zimbabwe
We crossed over the Zambezi leaving Botswana on the Kazangula Ferry. It didn’t take long, after an hour of waiting our two caravan parties boarded along with a large truck. The Zambian border side was chaotic with many runners all in to make a quick buck by facilitating our passage through. Many different buildings and rooms later we emerged having paid carbon tax, road toll tax, counsel tax, visa’s, third party etc. etc. – R2300 for just us Macs to crossover! Money changers tried hard...
By Alice in macsinafrica

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