Stellenbosch and Namibia

April 30, 2009 - Swakopmund, Namibia

And my Overland tour has finally started (although I had a nightmare morning in the bank and was an hour late to meet my group on the first day, not the best first impression!). We piled onto the truck that would be our home for the next 4 months and drove off to Stellenbosch.

This place is all about the wine! We visited 4 vineyards for some wine tasting and we started off trying really hard to get involved and even tried to use the terminology they'd taught us but by the end of the second vineyard, everyone was a bit too tipsy to actually 'taste' anything and terminology gave way to insightful terms like 'this one tastes like crap'.

From here we spent a couple of days driving further north to Namibia where we have seen the Orange River Canyon, the picturesque Dune 45 and the Salt River Flats.

Sky Dive in Swakopmund. Thanks to the hangover we were all nicely blasé right up until the bus arrived on the runway. Then I officially started to cack it (Chaz, the nervous giggle was out in full force!). On the way up I asked my instructor several times that we were properly strapped in. Luckily he just thought I was being funny. Once we had reached 10,000ft the door was opened, thankfully I wasn’t given any time to object. We tumbled and then freefall. I was utterly terrified for about half a second and then it was just amazing! I even got to steer a bit once the parachute was up! Once I had safely landed the instructor went to shake my hand, he had no choice, I launched myself into a hug and cheered that I was still alive. Highly highly recommended though! And you'll be pleased to know there is video footage of my facial expressions for future entertainment.

Today was Sand boarding and Quad Biking around the dunes. Awesome, although sand is in places where sand ought not to be!

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Jeremy White:
June 25, 2009
Hey Louise

Interesting stuff! Sadly, I won't be in Ethiopia when you get there but I know many who will be and would look out for you if necessary. No pressure at all - know what it's like!!! You seem to be having a fantastic time! Go, go! Africa is like a quicksand - draws you in; but, unlike quicksand, leaves you whole. Let me know if I can arrange anything for you in Addis. If not - no worries. The Nile Gorge, by the way, is stunning. You will love it. The Fish River Canyon is something around it. Have a good one. Love Jeremy
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