Yangzi river journey

November 22, 2007 - Chongqing, China

Doing a huge update of journal so gone back in time a great skill to have to tell you guys at home what iv been upto. sorry its been so long since wrote but fell into a kind of technology void bubble, china is very backward country and obviously doesn't value internet or phone cards.

Well on Thursday 12th november arrived at Chongqing at the mouth of the yangzi river, kind of in the middle of china. Bit of an odd place everythin built on a hill so have to climb millions of steps up through wierd markets selling wierd chinese xmas decorations with tables strewn about as "restaurants" which sell food that looks suspiciously like dog meat and intestine soup (which we had the stupidity of ordering accidentally, needless to say just ate the rice). The city is really smoggy and just a pass through place as wouldn't like to stay there, its so huge its hard to describe but it has a population of 31million which is half the population of britain in one city-thats a lot of chinese!!!!! Really grimey place, lopts of spitting going on and o my god what is the smell???? Had a few hours to kill before got on the yangzi river cruise so needed to find a bank, which is bloody hard work, HSBC capital of the world but can u find one, NO! Then if do find a bank its some random farmer bank which doesn't accept real cards like maestro or visa unless sheep or crop related, eventually got some cash and kfc (needed to recover from dog soup incident). thankful to leave the delights of chongqing and boarded our "cruise" (gona use this word as loosely as i can) at 11pm set to head east along the yangzi river.

Really excited the Yangzi is the worlds third longest river and starts as a little trickle in tibet and spreads right across China to Shanghai. View along the river at night was amazing, all neon along the banks. We were in a third class cabin which takes the luxury out of a river cruise but was an experience. There were 4 bunkbeds in the room so luckily me and pol and the 3 other travellers we've acquired since Xi'an were in one room so thankfully outnumbered the chinese in our room. Never thought i would say it but have a strong growing dislike of the chinese, they are such a rude and ignorant culture, no-one says please or thank you, they spit constantly, push and shove to get onto trains, and boats even though they have allocated seats, BIZARRE!!!!! Had to get past this though as about to start a 3 day boat trip with like a million of them, only about 3% of passengers were western but we managed to befriend all of them. First night on boat was interesting, we decided to buy some wine but none of us had glasses so ended up cutting some plastic bottles in half and using them as wine glasses, standards are fastly disappearing and when u realise u are drinking wine out of an old minute maid bottle u realise u are at rock bottom, a smelly traveller, cheers!!!!


on the bridge of peace
doing some tai chi
the sea overlooking pavillion
me at the temple of heaven
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