October 8, 2011 - Shepherd, Michigan, United States


As you may suspect, we did make it to the airport in Munich via the S-Bahn.  If we could figure this out, pretty much anyone could figure this out.  Our S-Bahn went without a hitch except for one little close call.  We were following a stewardess for Lufthansa.  We assumed as long as we stuck with her we’d be just fine.  Pretty coy of us eh?  Except for the fact that crew get off one stop earlier than passengers.  Thankfully, the stop did not look “terminal-like”.  We admitted our tactic to her and she smiled and suggested we get off at the next stop.  Whew!

We loved Munich airport.  It’s very nice, clean, modern, efficient and easy to find your way around.  Wish we could say the same about Frankfurt.  We were bussed again to our plane far away from the terminal.  Bill offered to assist one older guy getting his luggage up the stairway of the plane.  I followed an old gal up wondering if I’d have to catch her.  It just seems so odd that such a renowned airline operates in such an antiquated way at this particular airport.

We shared our flight home with a sizable group of German kids heading for an exchange experience to Jackson, Michigan.  They were well-behaved and spoke amazingly good English.  Our window and aisle seats somehow morphed into smack dab in the middle of the middle section seats much to our chagrin but we survived it.  All went very well.  The food served I thought was delicious and again, the beer was generous.

When we got up on Saturday morning we were greeted by the beautiful fall colors of Michigan.  The yard is calling to be mowed one last time; the black walnuts are falling in the grove; and I must admit our own bed felt pretty good.  We are settling in and trying not to “long”.  Will we ever go back?  Well, before we took this trip I figured it was a once-in-a-lifetime.  Now that we have made personal connections there, we’re not so sure.  One of my favorite words in German is “vielleicht”. 




Plum Loco


October 10, 2011
Glad to have you back in the neighborhood!!
October 10, 2011
Thanks for creating this blog, it's been great and surreal to follow ya'll around the country! What an amazing experience you've both had!
Rhonda Rhine:
October 10, 2011
Wow! This seems to be a dream come true!
Vera Ruth Brandt:
October 17, 2011
Thanks for taking time to do portray your trip for us grounded folks. It looked like a story book time. Just wonderful. You deserved it, you are such a hard working woman. Glad YOU enjoyed it. Always good to be HOME>
January 3, 2012
I caught this travel blog on a google search; what a pleasant surprise to read this at two in the morning. I am creating an itinerary myself of a 3-week trip to Austria and Germany later this year and I look forward to seeing some of places you visited. I too, use Rick Steves for my european adventures and it's great to read and learn about the history, culture, cuisine, art and architecture before traveling overseas. Your travel pointers were great too, I am saving the page for future reference. Thank you, from Massachusetts. Auf wiedersehen! :-)
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