Sick in Switzerland

September 29, 2015 - Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

I was up most of the night coughing, sneezing, vomiting, etc.  Bill drove us to our next destination with me mostly dozing off and on in the car.  I had figured that our three days in Switzerland would be the most physically taxing of the trip.  Now I’m not quite sure I’ll be up to doing much at all.

We entered via Basel to Bern, not very lovely areas at all.  Quite industrialized.  Once we neared Thun the scenery started to change.  It was a little overcast and what looked like a giant dark cloud ahead was actually a mountain.  Ah, the Alps!  We circled around the southern end of the Thunersee before turning due south to Lauterbrunnen.  In Lauterbrunnen we parked our car and there it will remain for the next three days.

We have chosen to stay in the little alpine village of Wengen in the Bernese Oberland.  It is a car-free and bicycle free village.  There are about 1300 residents year-round but that swells to 10,000 during ski season.  It was a bit of a gamble staying here as they have already had some first snows that had quickly come and gone.  On the day we arrived there were some clouds, but also plenty of blue sky.

Room with a view

We found our way to the Hotel Alpenrose where our room’s balcony looks out at the three peaks associated with the area, the Monch, Jungfaujoch, and the Eiger.  Perhaps due to me keeping him awake all night Bill was pretty tired.  I was exhausted and quickly moved myself to the balcony where I dozed off to the sound of cow bells tinkling in the distance.


We both realize that we will only come to Switzerland once.  That’s it.  It is an expensive country to visit.  After about an hour’s rest we decided to try the “easy, one hour, gentle downhill hike of 3 miles from Mannlichen to Kleine Scheidegg”.  We rode a gondola from Wengen to Mannlichen and as we disembarked the operator asked us if we knew where we were going.  We pointed towards Kleine Scheidegg and he said “one and a half hours”.  Adding, “The last train leaves at 6:30.”  Well, it was only 4:30 and there’s no way this easy little hike should take us longer than an hour.  We set off.  Before our trek would end we would go from 7300 feet above sea level to 6760 feet above sea level.  Wengen sits at about 4,180 feet.Walking along


We kept at it pretty steady only stopping a couple times for photos.  I was feeling so poorly I found myself just looking at my feet instead of the scenery.  We must have been a study in healthy vigorous Americans – not.  We coughed and blew noses, sneezed and paused (little) as we marched along.  The scenery was beautiful.  When we started out the sun was brilliant against the three peaks.  Towards the end of the trek we were deep within a cloud.


We arrived at the train station in time for some rosti at the restaurant.  Rosti, as near as I can tell, is shredded potato and onion.  Ours came with cheese and meat.  One serving was plenty for the two of us.  I was still without much of an appetite.  It was warm, tasty, and would suffice for our meal tonight.

clouds moving in

We took the cog-wheel train from Kleine Scheidegg back to Wengen and in a short time found our way to our hotel.  I had proclaimed earlier than I was staying up at least until 9:00 but at 8:30 I was tucked in bed.


On a side note, our travel blog quit accepting photo downloads as it should.  The most I could add today was four.  There were only two others that I would have added but that's not really the point.  It’s a bit disappointing.  If I am able to add them later I surely will.  Fuzzy travel is not the best blog server.  It’s just the one I’ve used for years.  May be time to make a switch but not during this trip!


Room with a view
Walking along
clouds moving in


September 30, 2015
The HILLS are ALIVE.........
Anyway, though I have been in Switzerland a number of times with Blue Lake, I have not been in the Alps since you and I traveled with Mom and Dad back in 1972. I am envious! Your pictures, though few, are beautiful. That mountain air should help to revive you, little sister! :-)
Love you!
September 30, 2015
So sad you're feeling so bad. I think you were prtty gutsy to do the hike with so little sleep and feeling so miserable. Loved the picture with flowers in the foreground. As Scarlet said,"Torrow is another is another day". 'Hoping you will feel better.--you can correct mistakes. :o) Mom
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