To the top of Schilthorn

September 30, 2015 - Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

We are now competing for “who is the sickest”.  Bill had had a cold when we left the states but his seemed to be waning.  Not anymore.  We both had a difficult night; up and down at various times to open the door to the outside; close the door to the outside.  At once hot and then too cold.This mornings view


We did make our way down to the breakfast room.  There was an assortment of cereals, eggs, bacon, breads, fruit and muesli.  Since my stomach was still disagreeable I went with the muesli.  Our plan was to jump in the shower after breakfast but we were so out of it, we did not remember said plan until we returned to our room this evening.  The skies were nearly without clouds so we decided to do a day trip to the Schilthorn.  The Schilthorn is 9748 feet in elevation and at the top is a revolving restaurant.  I promised Bill that if we survived to the top I’d buy him a beer. Lauterbrunnen waterfall from above


We made very good use of our Berner-Oberland Passes today.  We first took the train down to Lauterbrunnen were we then connected with a gondola that would take us to Grutschalp (4379 feet).  little place in Murren
From there it was another train to Murren (5361) and from Murren it was one or two more gondolas to the top.  As the gondola approached the top the recognizable theme from  “On her Majesty’s Secret Service” was played over the speakers. At Schilthorn Her Majesty's Secret ServiceThe revolving restaurant was built for the movie.

in Murren2

The views were spectacular even for a couple of under-the-weather tourists.  When we got to the top we headed right to the restaurant.  I ordered a goulash soup (rich beefy broth with little chucks of beef, potatoes, no noodles and loaded with SPICY-deliciousness) and we both had – orange sodas.  Yep, no beer.  We stayed atop for no more than an hour then began the return trip.  I had imagined skipping a train mid-way and hiking but honestly, we are doing all that we can to just get out of bed in the morning. beautiful day

The Eiger, Monch, and Jungfraujock


When we returned to Wengen we did hike up to Pizzeria da Sina to find the location should we want to return there for dinner later.  As I type this entry it is 8:00 p.m. and we are not going anywhere except to bed!  We’re sure hoping that tomorrow is a better day; on the other hand, at least we have a great view in our discomfort.     a stranger told Bill to smile


This mornings view
during the train ride
Lauterbrunnen waterfall from above
in Murren

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September 30, 2015
You don't look sick in the photo. Our family did Switzerland camping on one of our long camping trips. Probably my favorite place. We traveled thru much of the same territory you have. Sorry you are feeling so poorly, both of you. Love, Aunt Vera
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