"Cows on Parade" Returns

October 3, 2015 - Mayrhofen, Austria

It is not wise to take day-time medication prior to bedtime.

We enjoyed a lovely breakfast along with visits from our hosts this morning; Marcus and Christine.  She is the loveliest lady I’ve ever seen.  She’s not only pretty but she has this lighted soul that just shines through. rose hips and flowers

The Almabtrieb is a festival held different fall weekends throughout various mountainous areas like the Zillertal Valley.  It is a celebration of bringing the cows down from the high pastures for the winter months.  They break out the very big “parade” bells and festoon the cows’ heads with flowered head-dresses.  This is a tradition that families share together and they win prizes for the best “toppers”.  So I guess the cows are prettier here!

cows are prettier here

We did a lot of “in and out” today.  In our room, then out for a while, and then back in our room.  We did see a couple farmers’ cows parade through the streets but certainly not all there were to see.  They come through the town one family at a time and sometimes with nearly an hour in between.  top end of townWe were laying down in our room and could hear a large group beginning to come down from the higher country.   We could not muster the energy to watch.   A short time later I thought I heard cow bells right outside.  Our room is located on the outskirts of town; not the parade route.  Sure enough, I went to the front porch and there were two runaway cows hoofing it outta there with three herders in hot pursuit.  They were headed into town but not from a direction people would be expecting them.  I had to wonder when they ever stopped.  They were certainly gone in a flash.


There are lots of vendors selling souvenirs, local cheeses, schnapps, and wooden things.  There is something here that I call a clapper.  It’s made of slats of wood attached to a leather strap with handles at each end.  Moving the handles creates a clapping sound and people have a ton of fun with these.  I wanted one the last time we were here.  I coveted one this time, but seriously, when would I ever use it?  We do not have many polka parties at Plum Loco.cows

family tradition

We did listen to “Rita and Andreas” for a while whom we’d enjoyed before.  In fact, I have several of their songs on my listening list.  I never thought I’d enjoy this kind of music but it is so happy!  I also love how people sing along.  I did learn words to a couple songs (well enough to pass anyway) and enjoyed joining in myself several times.

We ate an early “comfort food” meal of more gulaschsuppe and salad; however, the meat quality was poor at The Brucke.  When I pointed out to the waitress that the meat in the bottom of our bowls was bad, she told me that’s what everyone uses for gulaschsuppe.  I told her that I knew better.  We headed back to our room (again) speaking the words that we’d rest up and head back out later, but I think we both know this will not happen.

good sport but no schnapps


We’ve secured some new nighttime cold relief and hopefully we will sleep tonight.  Tomorrow we are to visit friends in Kirchdorf am Inn, Germany.  I hope they will let these two sick and weary travelers into their home.



cows are prettier here
top end of town
family tradition
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