Oh, but what a delicious dessert!

October 5, 2015

True to form, when I saw Freddie this morning the first thing he asked me was, “Kelly, did you give the cat an enema?”  I had a feeling that one was going to hang around for a while.  He also likes, “Go ahead, make my day!”

Teresa and Freddie had been waiting all summer for some work to be done on their outside terrace (porch).  Of course, the work began just before we arrived and on this day a large jack-hammer kind of machine was coming to take out their old cement.  This went on all morning just outside the kitchen.  We could completely understand how this happens, it seems almost universal.  want the work to begin have company



They have a beautiful, large home with very modern furnishings and artworks.  I was impressed by the lack of junk anywhere.  When we got the house tour Teresa even showed us inside the closets and they were all so tidy.  There is a small shed and a large covered wood storage area in the very back of the house but even all of that is as neat as a pin.  Freddie and Teresa have a whole room for their personal offices; one on each side; and Freddie also does his job out of a larger home office with views of mountains in the distance.  Sure beats the heck out of my basement office!  While we were visiting the night before I had shared some pictures of where we live and they had been amazed by all of our land (10 acres).  In Germany it is very difficult to own so much land so if you have any money you can build a lovely home instead. Weißwurst

For our first breakfast (yes, that’s correct) this morning Teresa prepared Weißwurst (pronounced vice-verst).  This is a colorless Bavarian sausage that is boiled, and then serve with what I would describe as honey mustard and a pretzel.  (The picture is a stock picture but is exactly what we ate.)  These are prepared fresh by the local butcher and according to our hosts, must be eaten before noon.  And also a “real Bavarian” would never buy these prepackaged in the store; only from the butcher.  To eat them you are supposed to dip in the mustard, suck the meat from the casing, and chase down with a bite of pretzel.  I didn’t think this would land on Bill’s hit parade of food and I was right.  That being said, he was again feeling very poorly.

As we were visiting this morning Teresa was sharing about her daughter Patricia studying to be a veterinarian.  She finally had to give up the dream of having a practice because the cost of equipment and setting up her own business would have been nearly a million Euros.  Most people in the profession follow in their parents’ footsteps.  I mentioned that we have a vet where we live who has his own TV show and she immediately asked, “Dr. Pol? We love that show!”  They were blown away that Dr. Pol is the vet for our kitties.  He is apparently a worldwide celebrity now.  I think that is funny.

I had forgotten to mention “washing bears” from our discussions last night.  They wanted to know if we had dangerous snakes, bears, or other animals where we lived.  We assured them that it was pretty safe aside from a wandering little bear every year or so.  “Do you have the cute little washing bears?”  The two of them went back and forth a bit trying to figure out how to translate or describe these bears.  They are not native to Europe; however, someone had some washing bears in cages and opened the cages letting them out.  Now there are washing bears in some areas but this is not natural.  Washing bears are so cute.  They have stripes on their tails and round black fur around their eyes.  Got it?  They were talking about raccoons!  They call them washing bears because they have seen pictures of them washing their food.  We told them that where we live we do not find them nearly as adorable as they eat our neighbors’ chickens and are mostly a nuisance.fall flowers at Teresa and Freddies

After first breakfast Freddie went up to work for a while and Teresa, Bill, and I took a short walk around the neighborhood.  I saw a berries growing on some hedgerow bushes and wondered what they were.  Teresa said she’s makes alcohol with them at the end of the season (after the first frost).  As close as we could figure these were the berries used to make sloe gin.

out for a walk

After our walk it was dress-up time.  Teresa had shown me her assortment of dirndls the day before.  She wears them to her job as an elementary school teacher and said that little girls often wear them to school as well.  She’d asked if I wanted to try one on.  Although I didn’t think there was anyway her size would be my size I really did want to try one on.  I suggested that we both dress up and it was like being a school girl again.  
She had Bill take a “before” picture and then we went into the bedroom to dress.  I was finding it funny that I never undress in front of people but there we were in our underwear giggling and having a grand old time.  Teresa and Kelly As I suspected, my body has more to it than Teresa’s.  Teresa, Bill and KellyFreddie, Kelly, and TeresaShe shoved and poked and worked me into the torso of the dress but there was simply no way my “girls” were playing along when it came to zipping the top.  “Here,” she said, “Hold this sweater up there.”  Well, okay.  We then posed for pictures taken by Freddie and Bill.  It was so much fun! back of dirndl detail

After that Teresa took out giant pieces of raspberry cake and cups of coffee for the workers.  She said she feeds them cake and coffee every day.  I suggested that the weeklong job just might take two weeks!  Then she began preparing the second breakfast that would serve as lunch.  She sliced up many onions and sautéed them in butter.  Then she took a ball of noodle dough and grated it over boiling water causing little lumps of dough to fall in to cook.  This is called “spaetzle” dumplings.  This was all mixed together with some kind of yummy cheese.  We also had fresh bib lettuce with a dressing of pumpkin oil and vinegar.  I’ve not seen pumpkin oil when shopping at home.  Teresa said it is very good for the prostate.

From lunch I went directly to the massage chair.  This was a state-of-the-art device and I can only imagine how expensive it must be.  I sat in the chair and Teresa programmed maybe a 20 minute massage.  The thing did an all over body massage.  It compressed even around my toes, hands, arms, legs; and rolled and kneaded along my back, the back of my neck, etc.  When it was done I did not want to move.  I was conscious of the need for us to get to Munich, but if I could have waved a magic wand I would have spent the afternoon in that chair!  Teresa even charmed Bill into getting into the chair.  He is incredibly ticklish and I have to say I was surprised to see him in there.  Of course, he had the 5 minute demonstration.

incredible massage chair


We were scheduled to drop our car off in Munich at 4:00 p.m. and since Gerti seems to have directions of her own, we needed to get going.  There were long hugs all around.  Teresa thanked us so many times for the “honor” of coming to her home.  We just couldn’t seem to convince her that the privilege was truly ours.  I assured Freddie that if they ever came to see us I would be sure to fill the fridge as it was pretty clear he’s used to eating at least 3 solid meals a day.  (They couldn’t believe how little Bill ate.)  We were sad to leave but I think we will see each other again someday.

Because Bill was feeling so very badly, I drove the stretch to Munich.  It would have been great fun to have a muscle car on the autobahn but our little blue Up! moved along at 140 Km/hr.  We entered Munich via the Prinzregentenstrasse and drove by the beautiful, golden Angel of Peace.  I was concerned about driving through the city because Gerti had failed us before.  Not to mention that we were arriving at a very busy time of day.  With very little trouble we arrived at the Batu Living Hotel near the Hauptbahnhof (train station).  We delivered our bags to our room and then (again) with no trouble found the car drop-off location just two blocks away.

I’d loved to say that we went out on the town or at least to the nearby Augustiner Keller beerhall, but we did not.  We lay in bed again, hoping that tomorrow will be a great last-day.

I did tell our hosts this afternoon that the visit to their home was like the dessert of our trip.  It was the sweetest, most delightful time we could have had.  I am so grateful for this.


Teresa and Kelly
Teresa, Bill and Kelly
back of dirndl detail
want the work to begin have company


Sally Armstrong:
October 6, 2015
You look so happy in these pictures!
October 6, 2015
You look really cute in the dirndl pictures even if your "girls" are trying to escape. :-) Now Bill in the massage chair is something else. How do they get sausage white??---Pic of flowers and home--beautiful. Keep living life to the fullest--as you always do.
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