We sure gave it a whirl!

October 6, 2015 - Munich, Germany

The goal for today was to push ourselves to see something in Munich we hadn’t seen the last time we were here.  I had hoped we’d be able to visit the New Pinakothek art museum (Van Goghs, Monets, etc.) but it was closed on Tuesdays.  As it turns out, I don’t think we could have managed that anyway.

We checked out the Hauptbahnhof to make sure we knew where to go the next morning.  American food was calling to Bill so he scored a very lightly glazed donut at Dunkin’ Donuts.  We walked in the direction of Maximilliansplatz mostly to see how our legs and lungs would work for us today.  Bill was quickly overheated and walking in the shade of the platz seemed like the best idea.  He just broke into a sweat even though we were strolling slowly along. Mareinplatz from Old Town Hall

From there we wound around to the backside of the Munich Town Hall then around to Marienplatz.  We had coincidentally arrived just a few minutes before the Glockenspiel began in the tower.  We sat at a table, ordered two small beers and an order of fries.    It was a beautiful, sunny day; perfect weather.  It was fun to watch everyone jockeying for position just as we had done 4 years earlier.  I videotaped most of the sequence previously and I must say relaxing and just watching was much more pleasant.  As the fries and beer settled into Bill’s tummy he began regaining a little color.  We sat until we felt ready for the next stretch.  Marienplatz

We visited the open Viktuallenmarkt that was located around the corner (or two) from Marienplatz.  There was a large beer garden there.  I enjoy looking at all of the different stands with spices, vegetables, fruit, meats, flowers, breads, junk and you-name-its.  It would be so cool to visit a fresh market every day to pick up just what you need for the evening’s meal.

outside AsamkircheThe one place that had been on the list but missed in 2011 was Asamkirche finished in 1746.  It’s  a great example of the late Baroqueperiod of church building that is really pretty over-the-top vulgar in a way.  We got twisted up so many times in pursuit of the church it was not funny.  I had to sit for a while myself.  Had we gone from Marienplatz directly to the church it would have been a straight shot.  The wandering in Viktuallenmarkt messed us up.  When we finally found the church I was pleased to finally peek inside.  Pictures do not do justice but yes, what a gaudy beautiful mess.  interior AsamkircheWe sat in the back enjoying a cool break until I became convinced that the guy seated up front was dead.  Yep.  I saw a German guy eye-balling him as well and acting agitated.  Finally, I got up and sat behind the man.  Slight breathing motion.  Barely discernable, but there.  I went back to my seat and shortly after a very old nun came from behind the alter.  The agitated German talked to her and pointed at the sleeping man.  She clearly told him to calm down and not worry about it.  Then she came around to where Bill and I were sitting and spoke to me in German.  I told her the usual “only a little German” and she was clearly frustrated.  I asked her to show me what the problem was and as she did I recognized she was asking if the two bicycles out front were ours.  No, they were not.  cheery AsamkircheShe approached another couple and I could hear them saying they could not speak German so I told them about the bicycles.  They assured her that the bikes weren’t theirs either.  Apparently, someone had parked 2 bikes in such a way that the nun was distressed.

We walked back to Marienplatz and did a quick stop at the Hofbrau Haus around the corner for a couple small beers.  There was a painted guy outside and he was the best we’d seen all day.  We did the picture taking deal then he motioned repeatedly that he wanted me to take pictures of he and Bill.  When he grabbed ahold of Bill’s ear I thought that was the end!  Thankfully, he let go real soon.  Bill at the Hofbrau Hausa fansucker for a painted man

We gently strolled back past St. Michael’s Church that had been covered in scaffolding the last time we were here.  It’s quite lovely inside also.  We arrived back at our room at 4:30 and both of us were immediately down; Bill dozing in a chair and me in bed.  I had suggested that we force ourselves to get to Augustiner Keller for dinner and then call it a night.  We rested up for an hour or more before we moved again.  What a crazy way to spend a vacation! church of St. Peter

We did head out to Augustiner Keller around 6:00 p.m.  It was a little over a half a mile from our hotel.  This is an enormous beer garden that looks to seat well over 1,000 people outside.  We were seated at a table with a young man working on a pork knuckle.  I ordered sauerkraut with fried potatoes and bratwurst.  Bill ordered steak strips in a pepper sauce.  I won the prize here.  I have never had sauerkraut in Germany.  It was phenomenal!  It was not nearly as salty and strong as what I’m used to at home and was much more finely shredded.  Bill’s steak strips were tough but since neither of our appetites were at 100% we both had plenty to eat.  I was certainly not disappointed.  At one point it did start to sprinkle and we took refuge under the awning with a couple from Denver (second couple from Denver we’d met that day).  We chatted for a little while before walking back in the drizzle to our room.  best sauerkraut ever


We made it until about 8:00 p.m.  We will catch the train to the airport by 7:00 a.m. and be home sometime tomorrow night.  This has not exactly been the “Great Adventure” we had dreamed of, but I’m pretty proud of us for making the best of it.  I’m hoping we’ll both recover quickly once we get back to our own beds, our cats, and our old routines.  We have seen some beautiful country and saved a lot of money we would have spent on food and beer.  Hey, there has to be silver lining, right?


church of St. Peter
puppets in a window
interior Asamkirche
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