January - Brazil (Fortaleza/Jericoacoara)

January 29, 2012 - Fortaleza, Brazil

So I've finally got round to writing in my blog. I've been away nearly 2 weeks and I've crammed so much stuff in already. It was difficult to start with as nobody in northern brazil speaks English so I've had to learn Portuguese very quickly. I'm obviously not fluent but I can ask "do you speak English", "one caipirinha please" and "where Is the toilet". All key phrases needed really.. I landed in Fortaleza and managed to get to my hostel fairly smoothly. Although my taxi driver was Italian so we had to find a common ground and speak spanish. It was a bit weird for the first couple of days as there was no one else staying there. I thought what have I done and I actually contemplated getting a flight home at one point.. The guys from the hostel spoke English though and looked after me the first couple of days. Regis took me to buy a phone cos I didnt check to see if mine was chipped. School boy error. He knows everyone so we hitched a ride in a lorry with one of his mates. The other guy took me to pre carnival. He's only a member of one of the blocos so he got me backstage in the make up room with all the dancers and performers. I tried a Brazilian dish called "feijoada" which is pretty rank. It's basically black beans in a gravy with pork knuckle. If you think of pork crackling which is nice but then don't cook it properly so it's just soft fat on a bone.. (ridge would probably like it☺!). And it's so fatty you have to eat orange slices after it to let the natural acid dissolve it in your stomach! Try eating it with a hangover. Not my finest hour.. I met a couple from London who were pretty cool and ended up going clubbing with them - I think I started getting into it a bit more then having someone to speak to properly. Don't get me wrong the brazilians are mega friendly but it gets a bit frustrating after a while when you are trying to talk in sign language. Anyway I'm now in jericocoara which is 300km north of brazil. Had to get a bus for 5 hours then transfer to a converted lorry to do the last 25km on the sand dunes as there are no roads here. Only sand. That was painful on my arse.. I've basically spent the last 5 days trying to get a tan and bezzing it round freshwater lagoons and sand dunes on sand buggies. Loving it.. And I'm probably about a stone heavier the amount of cheese on a stick and caipirinhas I've had (3 heaped spoonfuls of sugar in each one as well as cachaca which is made from sugar cane) I'm off to Fortaleza tomorrow morning then I fly to Manaus to go in the jungle. I'll try and take some videos cos I reckon it will be a bit like Sinatta from I'm a celebrity in there.. I'll try and work out how to uppload photos when i work out how (where's Dom when you need him!) in the next few days. Ate logo xxx

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January 30, 2012
Wowsers - i just checked on the map where Manaus is... that's some intense jungle. Becareful! Hope you packed your mozzie net xx
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