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Khanya Khayelitsha

January 14, 2006 - Cape Town, South Africa

Everybody has a choice. You have a choice. Our true identity contains wealth of relationships, lessons, hurts, joys and wonderful experiences that need to be acknowledged and accepted by human family. Our traditions and customs need not to enslave us but to enhance who we really are. You can learn from who you are and not seek affirmation. Be original and stop being a cheap copy. A true identity is a foundation for a victorious future.

In this thrilling multi layered play, book Madoda Gcwadi is taking us to a journey where we discover how family relations and culture collide with human’s sexuality. The intolerance of current relationships and identities is creating chaos in the Mqwathi family. The play is created with tact and is crafted with storytelling, music, dance and poetry that is magnificently potrayed.

In this piece of theatrical art, Mqwathi is in rage because his sons do not conform to his norms and values. Zanelanga who is a Rastafarian who does not want to be circumcised and the other Zweledinga is believed to have brought shame because he is gay.

The relatives are angry because of shame and Mqwathi is irritated because he is accused of not applying proper discipline. The guilt within the family is pregnant. How can moral order be restored in this situation? Is Mqwathi going to conform, or will the sons be true to their identities? Find out.


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