December 9, 2011 - Kathmandu, Nepal


"It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours." A buddha.

Redoing the world at a local chai shop, we're talking about this and that, eating an omlette and chick peas. At another table, a woman is peelling vegetables in silence. A kid serves us chai, he's lucky to have a job, school will remain a dream for him. Nobody ever told him he could go to school, he was born poor, poor he will remain.
At the table, we are talking about structures. As the skeptic I am, I repeat my age old mantra: "the world never truly changes, only the forms change. It's like postcards, it's mere decoration. Inside, the human being remains the same." My 2 friends disagree, they believe in progress, they believe in change. Another chai, more politics, and we each go our own way. A friend will go home alone, another will meet his girlfriend, and I will fall sleep with the memory of a once upon a time.


As for any conversation, any data passing trough my brain, I analyse, I dissect and I process the information. The brain, like any computer, does it's bureaucratic work, crunching and storing data. The main diference between a computer and a brain being that the brain is supposed to process the data. I write "supposed to", because many brains seem to only retain data, only to vomit the data back at who presses the correct button. Those mechanical brains can be found around the planet, coming from the best schools, or from any old fasionned thinker. How many times will we need to hear: "that's the way we have always done it!".
Some will even refer back to books written thousands years ago to prove their points. "It's written in the holy book!". No questioning, no asking if maybe the data is outdated and belongs to a diferent time, no thinking. Those brains act like a simple computer, they are like dead skeletons. Why do we even pay attention to the dead, when so much life is happening and waiting to be enjoyed...


"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." John F. Kennedy

Going through a lot of changes myself, I decided that I was wrong, once again. The world does change, things do change around us. But there is a very important detail to be able to observe those changes, and the detail is ourself. If I choose to see the world as a static phenomenon, it will remain so, a dead and motionless world, in which nothing good nor bad can ever happen, in which I am powerless. But if I choose to see the world as an ever moving and growing entity, then the world becomes alive, full of zest and surprises.

The way we perceive the world, is the reflection of how we choose to create our life. Is my life pre-written, stuck in some abstract memory of some even more abstract memory bank? Or is my life my own creation, my own art work which I am responsable for? I choose the creation option, I choose to open the doors and let some fresh air come in. I sing a new song: "the structures change, let them breathe!". A new mantra, a little change, I repeat "the structures change." I turned the wheel enough, this time I am coming out of the wheel.


When things are not working in our own life, it is most likely that we are doing something wrong. When we don't get the results we want, it is that we are not doing the actions nescessary to get the results we are expecting. Up to us to change our actions. Oh, we can all become wise people, and stop having expectations, but even this is an old belief. As if wisdom means that there are no expectations, as if love means to accept anything and everything. No. Wisdom has her own forms of expectations, wisdom wants understanding. Through understanding comes many symptoms, such as peace, harmony, compassion. Her evil twin, Love, this great illusion, is so magical, so freeing, that the only expectation it has is that it wants absolutely nothing.


"It always seems impossible until its done." Nelson Mandela

So, the world is changing, so the old models dont fit anymore. So many books are written about the new worlds we can create, about the reforms of everything which we have to do, that it's hard to know which vision to choose. The scientific world, the spiritual world, all see that we are at a cross point. Something must change, if we want to keep enjoying this planet. Why are so many of those books best sellers? Why are so many walking to occupy wall st or other such monsters?
Because the world truly needs a change. We can't keep on living according to old gods who tell us to kill each other because we don't wear the same hat. We can't live on an old economic system that is falling apart and benefiting just a few. We can't live with outdated political ideas that still think in terms of us versus them. We simply can't live a new life, unless we decide, we, as individuals, that it is with our own life that the changes must come. We first need to change our beliefs, and everything else comes around. Our very believes are the root of the world and how we interact with it.


"We would accomplish many more things if we did not think of them as impossible." Vince Lombardi

Now, a change does not mean destroying absolutely everything, as if in a blind rage. Change means to sit down and analize what we now have and what in it we want to achieve. It's easy to spit on everything in a nihilistic teenage crisis, but it's much more constructive to built upon what we already have. No need to destroy what we have worked so hard to get already. If the structures can be improved, let's fix and add to the structure, making it stronger and better. If a structure truly has nothing more to offer, it's for the garbage pile, or a museum. A museum like a sacred coffin where we keep the dead whom we are still attached to, and from which we can still learn a thing or 2.

It's easy to spit on all religions, the religious people of the world having written so many horors while inspired by god, that we can question their sanity. If god ever tells me to write ways in wich to kill others because they dont do as god says, please, send me to a good doctor! God has written so many rules that it went crazy, itself, not being able to follow all the rules, it imploded into a million pieces.
As easy as it is to dismiss all religions, maybe it is simply a bit of editing work we need to do. There are enough good and positive texts in all of the religious books of the world to bring peace to anyone that reads those words. It would be silly not to keep such treasures of wisdom. As to the chapters that we dont agree with, well, no problem. As for any movie, some parts are more or less interesting depending on who is the viewer. But always remember, text is only a movie.


Our economic systems, our political systems, are most inspired by our religious beliefs. As medieval as this statement can sound, never the less, it is true.
Structures change, because the foundation of the structure, is the self. The self, a creation as any other, an illusion, a dream that comes and goes, each day a bit diferent. As we progress through life, we grow, we change our toys, haircuts, wives and husbands even. When we are not satisfied of a situation any longer, it is our responsability to change it by changing our actions. If life's only motto is life itself and the survival of it, at all cost, the methods used vary according to understanding. If there is a large part of the population that feels it wants a change, it is life itself that is trying to say something. So, we'd better starts with each life, each self, it starts in your mind. The mind the structure where all the rest takes birth...and from there...all will come in due time...take a look in your mind, understand it, learn to surf it's waves and make your life choices happen:)

Change the structures, that is your belief system, and all else falls accordingly...

D'accord Vincent, t'a raison, les structures changent. Merci pour la discussion, a la prochaine tasse de the:)


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