July 25, 2012 - Kathmandu, Nepal

This is part of a text I have been working on. As the world turns around, so does the way we define and understand ourselves. At the root of the identity question, is a male versus female story. I call it the story of the world. A love story between men and women, which has for result the kids we produce, which in turn will form tomorrow's societies. The questions of the world hide behind economics and other ics, but really, it's the story between men and women. The way we treat one another and the planet we live on is a reflection of the way we treat ourselves. It's as simple as that.
This is for the kids, and for the women and the men.

All of us in the same boat we are...the love boat.

Part 1.

"Women duty is to stay home, clean, cook and take care of family". I am waking up. As every morning, I set a pot of coffee on the table, 2 cups, and I pour the black liquid into the cups. I put 3 spoons of tsampa in a tall glass, a grilled millet powder used by Tibetans and mountain folks, I cut a lemon, squeeze the juice of each lemon into the glass, take out the seeds and mix water into the powder. Inch by each, the glass is filled with a homogenous brown liquid.
The words echo in my ears: "women's duty..."
I heard this so many times, duty, duty...Once the coffee finished, the tsampa glass emptied out, I am awake.


Duty...duty, the word echos in my mind...duty...duty...
So, let's speak about duty shall we?
In the ancient model, still supposedly applied in most houses of the planet, women's duty is to stay home, clean, cook and take care of the family. Then what is men's duty? Men's duty, in this type of logic, would be to work, to bring money home, so that women can buy food, and take care of the family. If the women are staying home, they can not go out there and make money. In this type of model, men provide the goods, and women take care of the home. So far, it's simple math. But in reality, it becomes a bit more complicated...
When I speak with my girlfriends, sisters and wives, when I look around the world, I find that too many women are left alone taking care of the kids. Women do follow their "duty", they do take care of the kids, with or without the men. They do the best they can. If the ancient model is still talked about a lot, it is too often not seen in action.
So why do I keep hearing on what a women's duty is? Why don't we speak about men's duty for a while? And where could this attitude come from?


Let's review the "holy" books and see what type of answer we find, shall we. After all, the writers of the "holy" books, are supposed to be the words of "god", and well, god is supposed to be a pretty smart guy, isn't he? He's "god", the Almighty male creator, isn't he?

"Man is the image and glory of god; but woman is the glory of man. For man is not from woman, but woman from man. Nor was man created for the woman, but woman for the man."
Bible new testament.

Ok, that's a good start. So women is created for men. Let's keep going and go to India, where people are supposed to be all wise and all knowing.

"What is material nature? It is explained as inferior prakriti, inferior nature. Prakriti is female, and she is controlled by the Lord, just as the activities of a wife are controlled by the husband" Bhagavad-Gita.

Ok, so the husband controls the wife. She is inferior.

"Even awful, full of debauchery, with no inherent qualities, a husband always have to be revered like a god by a vertous wife." Laws of Manu.

Great, so now, even if the husband is a lier, a thief and a cheater, the good wife should still venerate him as a god. Enough of the horor writing that can be found in "holy" books. They are obviously written by men and for men. If we resume a part of the "holy" books, the texts tells us that women are inferior to men, created for the pleasure of men, and that no matter how pathethic a husband is, a wife should venerate her husband as a god.


To any reasonable mind, this would appear to be a joke. The "holy" books were written by men who were supposed to be the smartest ones, they are supposed to be the wise ones. This "holy" texts are the very foundation of our societies, wheter we be christians, hindus, muslams or what not. And this is the type of words we can find in such smart books. If they can write such stupidity, what other type of smart thing can they pass down for the future generations? For a moment, I am inclined to think that this "god" person, isn't all that smart after all. Or could it be that the holy writers had a bad wifi connection? Their ego and personal agenda putting a lot of fuzz on the god connection. But let's not blame god, for after all, god is made in the image of man.

Shall we look even further into our so called "wise" men, so we can really get to the vomit point? Let's take Plato, a wise and immensely revered philosopher. Let's take a man the western kids are made to study, to analize, and to meditate upon. Plato wrote that women have no soul. Yes ladies and gentlemen, women have no souls, those words of extreme intelligence come from a man who defined western philosophy.


Our current societies are based on such philosophies, the holy books are the roots of our civilizations. Hindus, christians, those are the words found in our foundation texts. Let's not even mention muslim texts, in which a bunch of virgins await the brave warior, with cups of fruits and other delicacies, their legs wide open to receive the deserving men.  Now, if that's not a boring male teenage sexual fantasy, I don't know what is.

Are we freaking retarded? Yes, would be the only logical conclusion. Let's go and see on Buddha side, the last buddha anyhows, for they were many before him. Oh Buddha sweet buddha, so wise and enlightened. Buddha is fashionable nowadays, so let's talk fashion and hats. Buddha, the most famous case of a nervous breakdown in history. A poor seeker of truth, escaping his princely duties and his servants. The poor little prince decides to explore the world, spent 6 years in the jungle looking for an end to suffering, and finally decides to come back in the castle. The former hindu that he was, spoke a few truth, to folks who never questionned the system they lived in, and he became the modern Buddha. Great story, but how often do we hear about his wife and child? Never. His poor wife is rarely mentionned, his child even less. Dad ran away for 6 years, and comes back with his own found truths, and gets revered as a god. In Buddha's words, women can not reach enlightment, they will have to wait to be a man!! Now that's a very enlightened thing to say for a so called enlightened man, don't you think? Or is it just medieval, male chauvinistic thinking?


Yawns and reyawn. Before I totally fall asleep, let's see if we didn't forget anyone. Oh, the jews. Bah, why even bother, it's same same but diferent, more texts written by men, for men, period.

Am I blaming men for the whole mess we are in? No, don't worry, I am not. I love and dislike everybody equally. I am fair, I am equal, I can't seperate the men from the women, because it seems self evident that the human species is a product of the 2. I doubt that it is rocket science, to see, that there is no duality in this story, but rather a big unity called the human species. It would be too easy to dislike all men as immature pigs and make women the soft virgins or angry whores portrayed in the "holy" texts. No, this image is too simple, too black and white to appeal to my modern mind or sense of esthethics.


So, instead of becoming a man hater, I want to understand how enlightened men could write such immature texts. Instead of burning away all the ancient text, and dismiss them as irrelevant gibberish, I choose to understand that they are part of human evolution, with it's ignorance and knowledge. Some parts of the texts still have much to teach, and even the ignorant parts are there to help us grow.
Where do men come from? Men are first of all babies, all men were first children raised by...you guessed it, by a mother, and sometimes by a mother and a father. Oh! There she comes, the terrifying mother figure. Yes, women, you too are responsable for the mess we are all in. You raised those men who wrote those words saying that you are an inferior creature with no soul. You went to church praying to those gods, and you obeyed such men.


Women, you let yourself be treated like a second class citizen, and then you ask for respect? Now you ask for equality, for rights even.
But don't worry dear woman, dear sister. We are all doomed anyhows. Whatever we do, will be wrong. If we are gentle, we will be called weak or perfect, depending on man's moods. If we are strong, and ferocious, we will be called "men" or super sexy, depending on men's mood. Poor men and their emotions, poor men and their insecurities and fears. Children afraid to grow up, looking back for the confort of mother's milk...just like women and their need to nurture. After all, we can't change milleniums of genetic history in a few decades. Flowers take time to grow, and we humans are delicate flowers that also need time to bloom.

So, whatever you do, just do it, whatever you do is perfect, whatever you do is incorrect.  Let nature take it's time, for we can't hurry it. Enjoy no matter what, for enjoying life is the biggest gift you can do to yourself and to others...be true to yourself, and keep moving one feet after the next. After all life is a journey to enjoy:)

Photos taken from Rara Lake area during a journey in nepal wild west.

Read about the trekk here: http://www.fuzzytravel.com/manue/27674-khaptad-rara.html


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English Nick:
July 25, 2012
It seems like you're right on the front-line of the gender question, these things seem so much more pronounced in the poorer corners of the world.

You talk of duty & it seems to me that in general, a woman's duty is mandatory, yet a man's is a choice. There are so few women who skirt their duty to their children, while many men don't have the same problem with buggering off/drinking away the money/sticking their dick where it doesn't belong.

With the religious 'leaders' of the religious texts, they just encapsulate this fear of women which is so prevalent, all around the world, in virtually all cultures. I see this because woman has a natural power of man, which religion then goes about trying to re-balance in the man's favour. Why else put women in burkas unless you're terrified of what lays beneath, and do not trust men to be around that power. Do not underestimate how much straight men love tits & vaginas, so much so, sometimes, it turns into fear.

"Buddha, the most famous case of a nervous breakdown in history." I'm going to remember & use that one myself, if that's OK!
July 26, 2012
yups yups, fully agreed. you pin it down in the word "fear" which rises from well ...sexuality, the biggest human drive after all, of all life forms really. when its not totally repressed and creates other psychosis, its overinduldged and creates other forms of problems. reproduction and control of the species an old theme!

womens duty mandatory and mens a choice. interesting, and once again you have a point. few women leave their children behind. something biological most likely.

poor buddha;) nevertheless, i keep him as a good teacher, he had some great stuff. nevertheless, he remains a man, with his faults and positive points, as all of us:)

hope youre doing good over there in uk, nice to read you:)
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