I had a nice trip in Auckland airport...

January 25, 2011 - Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

Had a problem uploading my NZ photos earlier which is why they are all jumbled up!  So sorry about that, but they're all on now anyway. (Well a sample selected from over 200).  But still waiting for photos of Wellington (with Colin & Sheila)  & Queenstown (with Cathy & Keith) - they will follow when I get them.

Earlier today, I spent too long trying to spend my leftover NZ$ so had to make a hasty dash to my gate.  Well my silly old crocs stuck to the floor and I went flying...and thudded down hard on the floor; on  2 wrists, 1 knee and 1 elbow OUCH OUCH OUCH!   My laptop also went flying plus sunglasses etc etc.  Loads of people came to my rescue and picked me up...how embarrassing! :-@  Nothing broke though so that's good but I might be returning home slightly bruised haha

Now safely in Sydney airport...and I am so impressed...FREE WIFI everywhere!!!  I love Sydney airport!!

So that's it for this additional little blog...last blog in a few days time (probably from Seattle airport when I have missed my connecting flight home - it's very tight - only 1 1/2 hours between landing & leaving) once I have savoured the delights of Hawaii.

Oooh my aching bones!!  :D



Enjoying our roasting hot pool
Cathedral Cove
Cathedral Cove
Natural hot river


January 25, 2011
Lovely pictures. Didn't see the one of you flying in Auckland Airport.!!! Glad you didn't hurt yourself.
It would have been a disaster if you'd gone home on crutches
January 25, 2011
Can't believe you have done all that travelling and hard work and then you go and fall at the airport lol!! Glad you didn't hurt or break anything but your pride, take care. x
cathy spearman:
January 25, 2011
Aaahh lovely photos, funnily enough they look just like mine - think we've taken the same shots! By the way, we met you in Queenstown not Christchurch! Go steady on your last week Marjy, no more accidents we want you back in one peice please! xxx
January 25, 2011
My oh my. What can I say? Looks like it's been everything you could ever have dreamed of! Look forward to seeing you sooooon on your safe return. xxxxxxxxxxxxx
January 26, 2011
gosh girlie, you be careful. hope your body ain't aching too much. enjoy Hawaii.....sounds blissful. Aloha !!!
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