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I was inspired to organise this trip when I met Ben Keene (Tribewanted) at Hampton Court Flower Show in 2009.

I am at a good place in my life and have the fitness levels (hopefully), enthusiasm, opportunity to take time off work and cash to do this trip..and make it a Trip of a Lifetime.

I will miss my friends but I am going to keep in touch via Facebook, Fuzzy Travel and Skype and I'm sure the 5 months will fly by far too quickly!!


About my trip

Every part of my trip is going to be an adventure, and I hope I have the balance right with voluntary work, trips, travel with friends, and Ross, and time on my own.

This is definitely the most exciting thing I've ever done in my life..but I'm sure it'll not be the last adventure I organise....I think the travel bug and wanderlust will definitely take a grip and this 5 month sabbatical off work will change my life forever!!!

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Australia, Cambodia, Fiji, Laos, Nepal, New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam. (8 countries, 4%)

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