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August 27, 2016 - Sun City, South Africa




August 27


We’’ve had a lovely day today!


Up very early and after a quick cup of coffee and a rusk, we went into the Pilanesberg Game Reserve which is next door to the Bakgatla Camp Site.  It only cost us R60!!  Amazing!  What a pleasure to be charged Pensioners rates.


We headed for a water hole and hide quite close to the gate and had a pleasant hour watching the birds and a large herd of wildebeest and zebras and hartebeest come in to drink.  The water hole was very muddy and it seemed to be quite a struggle for some of the wildebeest to extricate themselves from the mud.  What a dangerous business having a drink is if you are likely prey for one of the predators!  All the animals we watched were very wary of coming near the waterhole and then actually drinking was as nerve wracking.


Back to camp for breakfast and a shower and then we spent the rest of the day in the park.  The Pilanesberg National Park is situated in an extinct volcanic crater – the largest in the world if I am not mistaken. It covers an area of about 50 000 hectares and is teeming with game.  It is less than 3 hours’ drive from Johannesburg and is really well worth a visit.  We saw loads of game in a day and our next door neighbours in camp saw all of the Big 5 today.  We saw springbok, impala, giraffe, zebra and wildebeest in very large herds as well as rhino and elephant and a solitary black backed jakkal.  Our best sighting of the day, however was a mother cheetah with her 3 cubs.  When we saw them it was the middle of the day and pretty hot, so they were lying under a tree in the shade but they did get up and move around before collapsing into the shade again.


We are having a fairly early night tonight after packing up most of our stuff as we want to leave early tomorrow to get to our next stop, Mokala Game Reserve near Kimberley as early as possible.  We only have a single night there as they were fully booked when we tried to get another night so we want to make the most of our stay,

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