Day 2

August 22, 2012 - Mafikeng, South Africa

Another loooong day from Britstown to Mafikeng (just under 800 km).

At least the weather has warmed up.  Spent the night at Mafikeng Game Reserve which was lovely.  Lots of game, and in fact arrived at our camp site to find a giraffe grazing on the trees where we camped.  Warmish evening so we had a beautiful braai under the stars, and then a much warmer night so slept really well.

Hopefully  the pictures are loaded.  I'm still learning this thing!

So it is now Day 3 and we are about to cross the border into Botswana.

More soon!



August 23, 2012
It's looking good, the pictures are great, what did you give the giraffe for breakfast?
Colin and Sue:
August 23, 2012
Only Terry would be up in the freezing dark to take a photograph. It sounds great fun and you certainly seem to be whizzing along. Enjoy Botswana! x
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