Day 3

August 24, 2012 - Cape Town, South Africa

 Weather is now much hotter.  Travelled 618 kn today.

We got up early nad drove to Mafikeng and spent a fruitless hour in the Standard bank trying to change USD to Pula whihc we eventually did at great expense at the border.

So we reached the boroder at around noon and found the S African staff very warm and helpful.  we had to declare all our photgraphic equipment, laptop, etc asn their value.  Frighteneing how much that is that you are carrying around with us.  Then on to the botswana side and all along the A1 (the road that runs N-S along the Eastern side of Bots)  The Southern part is hilly and rocky but as one moves North it becoms flatter.  Everything is dry and brown at the moment waiting for the rains in October/November.  We crossed the Tropic of Capricorn at 4pm and arrived very late at Khama Rhino Sanctuary, ouside Serowe.  We found our campsite in the dark, after getting lost and driving all over the sanctuary on 4x4 type roads.  So we set up our tent in the dark and then headed to the retaurant for a much-needed beer and delicious fish and chips.

Our campsite was enormous under a huge Morowa tree with lovely ablutions.  Well worth a visit.  Will post a picture on the blog when we can get Wifi acess.  At the moment we are using an Internet CAfe.

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