Day 8

August 29, 2012 - Kariba, Zimbabwe

We've been away a whole week already.

Todweay are heading for Mlibisi, at the Western end of Lake Kariba. to catch the ferry tomorrow morning.

On the way out nof Hwange Game Reserve we stopped at Mandavu Picnic Site, which was in slightly better repair (functioning toilets and showers) and next to a beautiful dam teeming with game.  -  huge herds of buffalo, elephant and buck as well as large crocodiles.  the attendant was catching bream at the water's edge.

On to Sinamatela camp whiich was once a showpiece.  Now the restaurant and shop are falling down, and ablutions tired and in need of repair.  But the position is still stunning - high on a hill overlooking plains teemimg with game.  Huge flocks of red-billed quelea were landing and then taking off again in huge clouds.  No wonder they are a plague for farmers.

Then out ofthe reserve and through the town of Hwange which is a coal mining centre.  We eventually found a petrol station with fuel and headed off through the backroads and rural Zimbabwe to Mlibisi.  There were catholic Churches and missions everywhere and lots of little settlements as we headed over the hills and then down intop the Zambesi Gorge.  We arrived at Mlibisi (an oasis after th e dry and dusty game park) at about 3pm, and eventually found the manager who let us into our chalet.  Rather tired, but still clean and tidy and the attendant, David, was very helpful.  He made the beds and lit the 'donkey' ( hot water cylinder heated by wood burning fire).  We were filthy after 2 days of camping and NO shower, so hyad a fabulous hot shower, put on clean clothes and headed for the Mlibisi Hotel for a drink.  Terry and his family had been there in '96 when it had been a buzzing hive of activity.  It is in  a beautiful location on the river and has a lovely bar made from old railway sleepers and a lovely dining area, but what a sad, sad place it is now!  We were the only people there and all they had at the bar to drink was beer and coke., but eventually they managed to rustle up some vodka and Mazoe (the best orange cordial in the world) but at $2.50 forthe whole lot, a bargain!


August 29, 2012
Brings back great memories. I did the road survey of the origional road from Hwange town (then Wankie) to the still being built Sinamatella camp. That was in 1965. Great place!!!
September 4, 2012
What an interesting read for Days 6 and 7 and now Day 8. This brought back memories of our trip to Sinamatella with my sister and brother in law in 2000. At the time the honey badgers were being a perfect pest but the camp was fine. Sad to hear of its condition now. Great to hear all the news. Thanks. Love to both.
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