Days 9 and 10

August 30, 2012 - Kariba, Zimbabwe

We were directed not to be late for the ferry, so 8am saw us queueing with 6 other vehicles, one towing a caravan.  We waited while the ferry offloaded its westward bound load and then we were carefully loaded according to size.  Our bakkie was one of the smallest vehicles so there wasn't too much problem for us, but the caravan and bigger 4x4's were packed in with only centimetres to spare between them.  The skill with which the ferrymen directed us and parked the cars was someting to see.  At this point Terry stumbled into the engine room to find a mechanic covered in diesel and oil at a lovely trip!  289km aong Lake Kariba from West to East takinng us about 25 hours.  We were given tea and biscuits morning and afternoon and lunch, dinner and breakfast, all delicious.  On borad there are also showers, so it is very comfortable.  The staff found out that it was one of the pasengers' birthday so a cake was prepared as well.

It was a beautiful, relaxing day, reading and watching both the Zinbabwean and Zambian sides gliding past.  In thee evening the capenta fishermen were out, catching these little ish using lights.  There is a large industry drying and selling these fish on both sides.

At night we lwy down on the cunningly designed recliners which flattened out into comfortable beds, and tried to sleep, but a strong headwind had come up and so we bounced along.  The caravan owners were a little worried about there 'van' in the hol.  Anyhow, at first light we were all up and had a hearty breakfast before arriving in Kariba at about 9.30 am.  Then the intricate business off offloading 7 tightly-packed vehicles, one towing a caravan, began and at last we all said goodbye and were off.  It had been the most amazing experience.  It will certainly be hard to beat on the rest of the trip.

We spent today exploring Karibawhich is really a tropical African town - hot, poverty-stricken and dirty, quite depressing, really.  The twon is right on top of the hills surrounding the lake - finding a grocery store to stock up wasn't easy.

We are camping at Warthogs Bushcamp and the hippos have come out of the lake and are wandering past our tent as we have supper.  What an experience!!

Tomorrow we are off to Mana Pools for a few days, and then back here and over the Dam Wall to Zambia


tightly packed
breakfast on board
capenta fishing boat
engine room


August 31, 2012
Enjoying the vicarious travel with you two - the ferry trip sounds *most* enjoyable, but isn't that hippo a tad too close to your tent for comfort? xx
Brenda Shear:
August 31, 2012
Hi Mary and Terry, Thanks for sharing your adventures, and the photos. What a contrast to knitting blanket squares! I'm off on my trip soon, but only through the concrete jungle, not as exciting and perhaps more dangerous.
Be well and enjoy every moment, Brenda
Colin and Sue:
September 2, 2012
Hello to the happy travellers...
We are loving your blog, reading enviously about all your exciting adventures. Well done Terry for braving the muddy waterhole... quite hair-raising!Sad to hear of the challenging ablutions and deteriorated facilities but how wonderful to be in the real bush with lots of wildlife around. Have fun!
love from us both.
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