Day 26

September 17, 2012 - Lusaka, Zambia

Day 26

Today we headed back towards Lusaka, leaving Kasanka.

First we had to fill up with petrol and change some money.  All transactions in Zambia have to be conducted in Kwatcha as of the last couple of months.  We had been told that we could use US dollars everywhere, but this has now changed, so in fact we have had to change our dollars back into Kwatcha.  We would have been better to have brought Rands as they are easily changed here and at a reasonably favourable rate.

So off to the bank in Serenje, a little town on the way South to Lusaka.  It really was quite an interesting experience.  No high tech security, just a counter with 3 tellers and piles of notes on a table behind them.  But they have the latest exchange rates and after quite a long time standing in a queue with people depositing and withdrawing really small amounts of money, I had the necessary cash to buy petrol.  We filled up and headed South.  As we travelled, the land became more developed and large farms started replacing the small subsistence farms and homesteads along the way.  However, there are still plenty of little rickety stalls along the road and we bought some delicious tomatoes and onions from one of these.

There are loads of trucks on the road as most goods seem to travel North to Central Africa via this route, although the Tanzam Railway also runs alongside the road for much of the way.  Where the Great North Road meets the main road from Ndola and Kitwe (NW of Zambia) there is a weighbridge and trucks were backed up for at least 500m in all directions.  We also passed a lot of police road blocks along the way, but were waved through all of them.

We stopped for the night at Fringilla Farm Campsite, which is about 60 km North of Lusaka, on a very successful looking livestock farm.  There was a big bush fire raging on the next farm as we arrived, but luckily the wind was blowing away from Fringilla.  A lovely campsite, and there is a butchery selling their famous boerewors and other farm produce such as eggs and veggies.  The workers on the farm seem to have their own veggie patches, and they sell to the shop.  In fact, the attendant at the campsite had a thriving vegetable garden growing behind the ablution block.  They also have a big restaurant set among huge trees which was very busy as the local farmers were having a ‘bull sale’ the next day and so everyone was in town for the occasion.  Their certainly seem to be plenty of white prosperous looking farmers in Zambia.  We elected to eat at the restaurant and had a delicious plate of their famous boerewors, chips and salad.

Tomorrow we are going through Lusaka to Choma.


Shiwa Ngandu
Shower arrangement Kasanka
evening at Kasanka
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