Days 33 and 34

September 22, 2012 - Windhoek, Namibia

We travelled from Grootfontein to Otjiwarongo on the wonderful Namibian roads - such a pleasure after Zambian roads.  Realised that even the good Zambian roads are bad. In Otjiwarongo we
had a delicious cup of coffee and cake at the German coffee shop there - and absolute must if you are ever in Otjiwarongo.  We had tea and cakes in the same shop on my birthday in 2010, and it is as good as we remembered it!  From Otjiwarongo we drove to Windhoek via Omaruru, which is a kind of Arts  and Crafts centre and they happened to be having a craft festival there this weekend.  Omaruru is a delightful little town with many little shops and art galleries.  Among others, we visited a wonderful photographer's gallery.  Christopher Johnstone was his name and his photos are wonderful, but way out of our price range, I'm afraid.

From Omaruru, we drove on to Windhoek where we are staying with Nico Louw in his wonderful house in a kind of private nature reserve with various forms of wildlife on his doorstep.  When we arrived Nico wasn't here as he was on his way back from climbing Kilimanjaro for the 3rd time!  His daughter, Nicole met us and then she and Terry went to collect him from the airport later in the evening.

This morning we went to the local 'green' market at one of the churches in Windhoek.  This is where Nico buys his biltong so we also bought a good supply of biltong and dried sausage to take home with us.  We had a delicious breakfast of German 'Brochen' and coffee before heading back to Nico's house for a quiet day.  This afternoon we went for a drive around the estate - saw quite a bit of game (giraffe, impala, springbok, gemsbok, hartebeest) and enjoyed the sunset in the African bush.  Then this evening we went to supper at the famous 'Joes' restaurant in Windhoek.  It is a very large space with all sorts of interesting artifacts and excellent food, specialising in game dishes.  I had a very good kudu steak, but it did seem a bit odd to be eating one of these animals which we had just seen cavorting in the bush.  And then when we got home they were actually standing in the driveway!

Anyhow, tomorrow promises to be a very long day as we leave Windhoek and want to get as close to the South African border as possible - a distance of close to 800 km.


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Jean Johnson (Sheila Bunting's sister:
September 23, 2012
I am thoroughly enjoying your blogs, and do hope that you will put them all together in some sort of book form. They are too good to be left in cyberspace in perpetuity. Am sure they will be treasured reading in your family - maybe for generarions to come! I too love the African bush, and am delighting in all your adventures. I admire you for having the courage and chutzpah to do what you are doing! Regards
September 23, 2012
I caught up with quite a few of the reports today and found them fascinating. What a trip! Thanks for sharing your adventures.
September 25, 2012
Hi - little brother here. Just read your blog for the first time. I liked the bit about Mana Pools. Unlike me, you did not get malaria there. I support the bit about publishing it (the blog, not the malaria).
Love and enjoy every minute.
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