Day 36 (Home again, home again, jiggety jig)

September 25, 2012 - Cape Town, South Africa

This was the last day of a really memorable journey.

We were up early, packed up and drove the 120 km to Springbok where we stopped for a huge  breakfast.

For the first time in a long time, there were now clouds in the sky.  Namaqualand (the part of South Africa on the West Coast just South of the Namibian border) which is usually an arid region was surprisingly green and the Spring flowers were everywhere.  They weren't in huge carpets of colour as we have seen them in previous years - I suspect we were a little too late for that.  Also it was cloudy and many of the flowers only open in full sunlight.

The closer we got to Cape Town the greener it became, and it was obvious that the Cape had had plenty of rain during the time we were away - very unusual for this time of year.  But we were grateful that our garden would have had plenty of water.

Unfortunately, the weather being rather hazey meant we didn't get a clear view of Table Mountain as we approached Cape Town.  Nevertheless, we could see enough to make us feel like we were home.

Arriving home, we were greeted by a pair of very excited dogs and a sulky cat - took herself off and barely greeted us.  However, at bed time she reappeared and climbed right into bed with us.  So I suppose we are forgiven for leaving her for so long.  The rest of the menagerie are all well - chickens still laying and Percy (our pet dove) came in and promptly sat on Terry's head.  The garden is a jungle as clearly it has rained a lot.  But our clivias are all in bud, and the brunfelsia (yesterday, today and tomorrow) is covered in blossoms so we should have a reasonable garden once we have mowed the lawn and cut back the jungle.

So ends a wonderful trip.  We have had so many experiences and met so many interesting people.  It seems like a different time when we set off, not knowing what to expect.  I was really very anxious to begin with, and part of me can't really believe that we have actually done it!  With hindsight, there were some things we were perhaps a little foolhardy to have done on our own, but here we are all in one piece with experiences that we will remember for the rest of our lives.  How fortunate we are that we have been able to do this.

Thanks to everyone for all the support.  Hope to catch up with you all soon.


Richard Hines:
September 25, 2012
Welcome home, I enjoyed the journey and will miss the journals
Jean Johnson (Sheila Bunting's sister:
September 26, 2012
I shall miss your daily entries. Thanks for sharing what was obviously an amazing experience with your eager readers. From one of them.
September 26, 2012
Glad you are safely home. Will miss the diary
September 26, 2012
I thoroughly enjoyed reading all about your trip!! Even if I had to wait until i got back from Europe to do so.... what an experience of a lifetime - look forward to hearing more about it...THank goodness you took a motor mechanic with you!
Yvonne Gillespie:
September 28, 2012
I am SO relieved to hear you are back safely. Look forward to seeing you on the 9th I think.


Jack and Bi:
October 1, 2012
Yes indeed, Welcome back home. We have so enjoyed reading your diary and it is good to know your are safely home. Look forward to see your photos!!!
Aren't we so blessed to be able to experience this beautiful and fascinating continent - Africa!
November 5, 2012
A very belated welcome back. We've been away without internet access and came back to literally thousands of emails. I've so enjoyed your diary - a wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing it.
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