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November 15, 2013 - Lüderitz, Namibia

Friday, 15 November

From Betta we headed South towards Aus, an oasis in this arid landscape.  Up until now the landscape had been beautiful with great rocky black outcrops to the East and the huge red dunes on the Western side, while we were travellimg South on grey green plains which were full of game.  This whole area is a nature reserve so gemsbok (oryx) as well as zebra and ostrich and all the smaller mammals, like mongoose and meerkats abound.  As we headed South the red dunes were replaced by rocky outcrops and the vegetation was minimal.  Namibia is in the grips of a severe drought at the moment and it all looked so different from what it did two years ago.  However this seems to be tne cycle in this vast empty land.

Aus is a very small town, but there is an excellent hotel in town and we stopped for the inevitable 'Kaffe und Kuchen'.  We sat on the Veranda  and watched as loads of passengers arrived on tour busses and disembarked to enjoy a scrumptious looking midday meal.  We chatted to another SA couple who were doing a similar trip to ours, but in the opposite direction.  They were having a deliciois looking lunch which made us decide to come back on our return trip for lunch.  As we entered Aus we had seem a smart new Information Centre at the trun off into town, so we went back there hoping to get some information about the area.  No luck, however, as it was all locked up.  This office is supposed to be open from 8.30 to 5 seven days a week, but at lunch time on Friday it was closed.  That's Africa for you!

Our final destination that day was Klein Aus Vista campsite which was just 2 km down the road so we carried om to this spectacular campsite.  It is set high up in the mountainous area far away from any human habitation.  Lovely clean ablutions and every campsite is protected from the wind on 2 sides by a slatted wooden screen.  We were beginning to expect wind in the afternoons.

We set up camp and set off down the road to Luderitz in the hope of seeing the Namibian feral horses which roam these vast plains.  They are said to be descendants of


Kgalagadi 2013 723
Kgalagadi 2013 665
climbing the dune
coming down

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