Day 2 Things are Looking up

August 6, 2016 - Beaufort-West, South Africa


5 August


Things are looking up!


So it was very cold last night but we were well tucked up under the extra blankets I brought along.


We were woken at 4.30 by a lion roaring just metres away from us.  We thanked goodness for the electric fence around the camp.  There was another lion roaring further away as well.  What an alarm clock!!!  We met people at the reception area who had seen the lion right up against the fence.


So we were up early for a chilly morning to do something about the car.  The reception at the park directed us to Precision Engineering in Beaufort West and also phoned them to tell them we were coming.  We were at their workshop, a treasure trove of old engineering machinery – any man’s delight - by 8 am and after various tests they confirmed that the cylinder head gasket had to be replaced.  They set to at once and organised a hire car for us for the day.  Terry was very impressed with their professionalism and we were happy to leave our ‘baby’ with them.  They arranged for a hire car for the day as well so we weren’t stuck for transport.


We also dropped off our gas two plate stove which has given up the ghost at a rather sleazy looking repair shop in Beaufort – strange looking people coming in and asking for á litre, please’.  We suspect some kind of moonshine operation.


Then into town for a well-deserved Karoo breakfast at “Tessie se Nessie”  (Tess’s Nest for those who don’t speak Afrikaans) – a dear little coffee shop full of what can only be called ‘Karoo Kitsch’, all sorts of hideous crocheted and knitted doilies and cushion covers in bright colours.  But the food was delicious and ‘Tessie’ was clearly an excellent baker – apparently she won some competition for cooking on the Afrikaans TV programme.


The rest of the day we spent around the camp site and then headed back to collect the car which is going like a dream now.  Unfortunately, the cylinder head has to be retorqued at about 800 to 1000km which means we are going to have to make a stop at a garage as we leave Mafikeng, our next stop, on Monday morning.  And the gas stove hasn’t been fixed.  Terry not impressed with the guy there.  He reckons he can perhaps fix it himself.  It does mean we don’t have a stove at the moment.  At this camp there is a camp kitchen so we aren’t too worried at the moment.


We had originally arranged to stop at Kimberley (450 km from here) for a night on our way, but having lost a day with the car, tomorrow we are going to get up as early as possible and drive all the way to Mafikeng (some 880km).

So off to bed early – it’s freeeezing again.


August 8, 2016
Never a dull moment with Les Debricks! We are in London and loving every moment with the family. Lots of love.
Paul And Lesley Geary:
August 8, 2016
Hello wandering Old fogies....LOL
Sounds like you are having fun, just dont run out of that faulty fuel guage. Terry we should have changed that engine after all. Enjoy your holiday.
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