A lazy day

August 7, 2016 - Mafikeng, South Africa




7 August


Lovely to have a lay in for a change.  The night was cold but we were snug in our tent and woke to the sound of the sparrow weavers chattering outside.


We made a little fire to boil the kettle and had a leisurely breakfast all on our own in the bush.


Still no hot water, but the repair crew arrived and started to work on it.


Then by car into Mafikeng which is a dusty frontier town but big enough for shops to be open on Sunday – something you wouldn’t find in many of the smaller S African towns.  We managed to get some anti-freeze which Terry wanted for the car and then found the mall and the supermarket for a few things.  But we hoofed it back to camp as soon as we could.


When we got back the maintenance team was just finishing up and we now have hot water.  So a hot shower will be a delight tonight.  The rest of the day we spent bird watching and  resting in the warm winter sun.


The rest of our party have now arrived and tomorrow it is over the border.

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