The Day the Wheels Fell Off

August 8, 2016 - Serowe, Botswana


August 8


The day the Wheels fell Off


So we had a lovely evening around the braai (Barbecue) last night.


Up early as we had a long way to go to cross the border into Botswana.  And set off when I suddenly realised that with all the drama when we were leaving we had left the documentation for the car at home.  This is necessary to cross the border.  I was in tears and Terry angry.  But after a chat with our dear friends (who were amazing with this dithering old couple) we made up our minds to try and find the traffic department in Mafikeng and see if we could get duplicate papers for our car.  Thank goodness for the GPS which directed us to the right place.  It was a rather dingy building with broken chairs and a rather bored looking lady behind a counter.  We told her our problem and she called ‘Susan’ who was incredibly helpful.  She and her colleagues told us that they would give us a ‘161 Form’ and hoped that we would be able to use it.  It turned out that the form had all the details on it including an official stamp, but wasn’t the Official Registration form.  So we set off hoping that nobody would query it.  We also did some shopping for food for the next few days in Mafikeng


We arrived the border in fear and trembling and absolutely sailed through!!  Now only another 4 to go!


So off to Gaborone and just as we were entering the town, Terry overtook a large tanker filled with sewerage, not realising that he was crossing on a barrier lane which was not very visible, and was spotted by a cruising police car.  So we ended up having to pay a fine of 1000 Pula (about R1400)!


So we set off again feeling pretty sick at the extra unbudgeted for cost.  And as we were travelling, another of our party flashed us – we had a tire which was nearly flat.  So we got out the compressor and pumped up the tire, but at the next big town, Palapye, we stopped to change the wheel.  As we did this, Terry noticed that the engine was boiling again!!!  It seemed that R5500 in Beaufort West had been wasted.  So it was decided to let the car cool down, fill it with water, and drive the 40 odd km to our next camp site (Masama Community Camp Site) very slowly.


We did this and found the rest of the party already having set up camp and started a delicious fillet and veggies on the braai.


We are feeling pretty awful.  Has the cylinder head gasket gone again?  Where to from here?  It looks like we’ll have to go home very slowly tomorrow and forget the holiday.

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August 15, 2016
How sad. Must be very frustrating. Suppose you don't want to know we are having a great time in London.
Take care
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