A Day in Maun

August 13, 2016 - Maun, Botswana


Blog Day 10


August 13


We were woken at about 4.30 by the people in the camp site next door packing up and leaving.  We suspect they were ‘bilking’ as they arrived very late, set up on a corner of someone else’s camp site and then drove off at 5.


The others who were going on the Mokoro (a kind of dug-out canoe that is poled along by the ‘driver’) trip also had to be at the reception by 8 to get their transport to the edge of the Delta.  We had a bit of a lie in and then together with Colin who had elected to stay behind as well drove into Maun which was very busy, it being Saturday morning.  Maun is a dusty African town but is changing like every town we have been through.  There are now ‘Malls’ and loads of shops including many of the big chain stores that we get in the big S African towns.


Our mission was to get a new viscous fan clutch for our car, but nowhere was one to be found.  Very luckily for us, at one of the Spares shops we asked at we met another client who heard our conversation, told us he had had the same problem with his car, and had fixed it with a bolt through the fan mechanism.  He then very kindly took us to a local engineering works who did the job for us and didn’t charge us anything.


We had been told that the place to get meat was Delta Deli in Maun.  Directions were forthcoming from the mechanic and we rushed there as it was getting close to closing time – 12.30 on a Saturday.  We got some kudu steak for tonight’s ‘potjie’ – a kind of a stew cooked in a three-legged African pot.  It was now the middle of the day and the African sun was beating down but we had to go to the local Spar for the rest of our shopping.  And then back to our riverside camp site shaded by beautiful trees.


A lazy afternoon and then the others arrived back with Basil in a bad way.  He had slipped on the step entering the vehicle as they were coming back and cut his leg very badly.  So he had to be taken to hospital where he had both internal and external stitches and all the jabs and a curse of antibiotics.  Because it as Saturday afternoon and the admin staff had gone home, they weren’t charged!!  All were very impressed with the hospital and treatment   and facilities at the hospital – not at all like a Saturday afternoon/evening at a busy Cape Town hospital as there was next to no-one there.  The difference between a small two and a big city, I suppose.


Before the mishap, they had had a beautiful mokoro ride through the delta and a walk on the wild side.  They had seen game (ellies, giraffe, various antelopes and hippos) but in the distance and then back in the mokoros to their transport.


In the meanwhile we prepared our ‘potjie’ which was a success and I also made a kind of apple crumble which we cooked in a cast iron pot on the fire.

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