A Wonderful day in Chobe

August 18, 2016 - Kasane, Botswana


Blog Day 13


August 16


So up early, no tea or breakfast, just packed up and went.


At the Ngoma Gate to Chobe Game Reserve we filled in the register and stopped for a ‘Pit stop’ in the toilets.  What a disgrace they are – no seats and in need of a good clean.  At least they flushed!!  We have found all over the place here that if something is broken, it is unlikely to be fixed.  The lack of management in many southern African countries is obvious.  But I suppose this is Africa…….


Anyhow, we drove into Chobe and slipped and slid along deep sand down to the edge of the river.


Saw huge herds of Zebra, Impala, giraffe and buffalo as well as Waterbuck, Elephants and, surprisingly, quite a few cows!! They seemed to be allowed to just wander across the river into the park.  Why they don’t get eaten by lions is a mystery.  We also saw lots of lovely birds and our bird list (we keep a list of all the different species of birds we see on a trip). for the trip has now increased to over 100 without really trying.  We saw two of the ‘Big 5’ of birds – saddle billed storks and ground hornbills.


We stopped for breakfast and again had to deal with pesky vervet monkeys – very cute but very clever.


The route was a long and windy path along the flood plain of this magnificent river.  This is the dry season so everything just metres away from the river is dry, but the flood plain is green and so many animals are grazing there at this time of year.  At the end of the route we bounced and slipped and slid through soft sand again back to the main road.


And then on to Muchenje Campsite and Cottages, about 7 km from the exit gate from the park.  Muchenje is the local name for the Jakkalberry tree which is a lovely big tree which lines the edge of the floodplain.  We have been allocated 2 camp sites but have elected to all camp on the one next to the river shaded by huge trees.  A dip in a lovely pool and a walk to the large baobab left us all relaxed.  Super ablutions means we can all have a hot shower.  We tried very hard to get another night here, but can see why it is so popular.


Supper was another whole Botswanan fillet cooked on the braai


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Paul And Lesley Geary:
August 23, 2016
Terry why dont you tighten the bolts on the fan so its locked and spins all the time or fit a longer bolt to jam it. you might use more fuel at higher speeds but it will help with the overheating problem. Otherwise enjoy your trip. Sounds like you are having fun. :-)
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