Elephants galore

August 18, 2016 - Kasane, Botswana



August 18


Today has been a quiet day catching up with laundry and lounging around the waterhole watching the odd elephant and warthog come in to drink and reading a good book.  Fortunately, all the facilities around the waterhole are in shade – the sun blazes down in the middle of the day and temperatures are always in the 30’s.  And this is mid-winter!!


The evening saw literally about 100 elephants coming in to drink – from tiny babies which are very carefully protected by their mothers and sisters to the huge matriarchs and the bulls.


Again it was a rather late supper for us.


Tomorrow we head for the border.  We are wondering if we will be allowed through with our non-official car registration.  If not, we will have to make a plan to stay in Botswana and meet the others when they leave Zimbabwe to re-enter Botswana in 2 days’ time.

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