The Tuli Block

August 22, 2016 - Francistown, Botswana




August 22


Today was supposed to be a relatively short day getting to our camp site in the Tuli Block – the North Eastern corner of Botswana.  But we didn’t take into account that Francistown is in total chaos at the moment as they are upgrading the A1 and building a flyover right in the middle of town.


So we set off, stopping for shopping, and then got totally lost – eventually, I think, the GPS had given up on us and just wanted to jump out of the car!!  Our final solution was to ask a police car and they said – ‘go to the next traffic lights, which aren’t working, ignore them, and turn right’!  Which we did and found ourselves on the new highway, but the left hand lane which appears to be completely finished with road markings and bus stops and signs was closed.  And all the traffic was using the right hand lane in both directions.


We met up with the others who had similar stories to tell, and ended up in our camp site at African Ranches River Camp rather later than we intended.  We were met by Sam, who was very helpful and showed us to a lovely camp site right next to the Limpopo.  A crocodile was sunning itself on the sand bank just opposite and as we drew up, a fish eagle flew past.  No power here, I’m afraid so there is some concern as to how long our fridges which operate on car batteries are going to last.  We are near the end of our trip, however, so we don’t have much left to go off.


Tonight is the Gordon-Forbes’s last night so we had a long evening chatting around the fire before we were off to bed.


We can hear hippos grunting in the water right outside our tents tonight and hear them munching on the grass as well.  Better stay in our tents till morning.

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