Relaxing next to th Limpopo

August 23, 2016 - Francistown, Botswana




August 23


So a sad farewell to Jodi and Alistair this morning as they leave us to meet up with their son and then rush home to return to work.  We’ll miss their company.  They have been wonderful travelling companions, so full of life and a really positive attitude to the vicissitudes of this type of travel.


We decided to have a quiet day today, but began with laundry.  We all had a washing line of reasonably clean clothes hanging up by 11 – not quite the standard we expect from a washing machine, but still not full of dust.


Then a walk along the river, feeling a little apprehensive in case we should meet a croc or a hippo on the banks.  Naturally there was no such thing, only lots of birds and huge beautiful trees and lala palms, the fan palms we have found anywhere there is water around here.


Then this afternoon we had a lovely snooze next to the river.


Liz has come up with a list of things that have huge emotional connotations for men while on a long camping trip.  They begin with the letters c, f and p.


‘”c’’ is for CAR – all our men have a very close emotional connection to their cars and they are a source of continual worry and tension.


“f”is for FRIDGE – the camping fridge is a very delicate piece of equipment and we women are frequently admonished not to leave the door open, as well as being berated for not leaving enough space for beers and wine.


“p”’ , of course, is for PACKING – Don’t try to help your man pack the car.  He has his plan and woe betide any partner who upsets this.


The weather today has been slightly overcast and a little cooler for the first time since we crossed the border, but the washing still got dry.  So we are ready for the next leg of our journey back into South Africa tomorrow.


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