On Our Own again

August 26, 2016 - Rustenburg, South Africa




August 26


We all said our farewells early this morning and we set off for the Pilanesberg Game Reserve which is on our way South, about 500 km from Mapungupwe.


The map showed a straight tar road without many obstructions.  However, what they didn’t mention was the state of the R510.  To say it is potholed is an understatement.  It is so degraded that in parts there is no road at all and traffic has made a path along the side of the official road.


This all meant that our trip took much longer than we had anticipated and also we used much more fuel.  At one stage we were worried that we might not make the next fuel stop.  Remember we were in the middle of nowhere and although there are small villages, towns are few and far between.  However, we found a large trading post in the middle of nowhere that sold fuel.


By the time we got to Bakgatla Camp Site on the edge of the Pilanesberg Game Reserve we were really tired and cranky.  But we found a lovely camp site and set up camp.


Tonight we are having a braai.  Just the two of us seems a bit quiet after being with friends up to now.  The evenings are suddenly much chillier – we can feel we are moving south and out of the tropics.

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