December 29, 2010 - Marseille, France

Hey Guys,

We went to the opera last night!!!!!! We saw "La Belle Hélène" by Offenbach at the Opéra de Marseille and it was a lot of fun. We caught a coach from Cassis organised by the Cultural Centre here. Of course there was a little drama as we were meant to meet at the busstop near the gendarmerie (police stn) and we didn't realise they meant the National gendarmerie not the local one (which is near our apartment). So Terry headed off up the street, it goes 6.30 and no sign of him! I'm about to really panic and he calls me from the top of another street telling me to follow him. He'd remembered seeing a busstop during one of our outings....LUCKY! All the old ladies in their fur coats were all waiting for us as well as families. A real mix of people. It was very nice to be driven somewhere though!

Of course an opera about Grecian times, set in Greece about Helen becoming Helen of Troy after being taken away by Paris and so starting the Trojan war performed by a French company would have two topless women in it and two cancans! Go figure! It was fun! And of course we had the obligatory champagne at "half time" as TJ called it!

Had fun at the market this morning picking up a few more little bits and pieces. Might need to organise some boxes home! LOL!


Will post more photos soon! Those of you in Adelaide, keep cool, hear it's getting hot!


Lots of love, m and t. xxxxxx


Opéra de Marseille
Marseille opéra house
obligatory champagne at opera

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Mary Samoluk:
December 31, 2010
Marlene and TJ
Wishing you both a Happy New Year - hope you have a great night - plenty of champers!!
Mary Ben and Baba
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