Happy New year, Marseille and goodbye Cassis

January 1, 2011 - Cassis, France

Hey Groovers,

This is probably our last entry from our little café in Cassis as we head north tomorrow to stay with TJ's cuz for 3 days (7 hour drive from here) and then head up to Paris on the 6th until the 13th. Cold weather, :(

We have had a few more adventures. Were invited for an apéro by a couple we met here, Michèle is from here and Ashley from Stirling(in Adelaide!) and they live in Toronto. It was lovely to be invited to someone's home and we had a fun night!

They suggested a coastal drive to Marseille, which we did and which was very picturesque and much quicker! We had another huge day discovering Marseille and its Vieux port where we tasted fresh oysters on the quayside and a gorgeous lunch (I had fresh sardines which were delicious) and finished the day with a huge walk up to Notre Dame de la Garde, the basilica that overlooks Marseille. It was a very steep climb and a local man congratulated me when I got to the top as he'd watched us climb up all the steps. Not impressed to find a carpark at the top...we could have driven! BUGGER! Anyway, guess we walked off some off the bread, cheese and wine we have been consuming every day! LOL! Bad thing was it was dark when we headed back to Cassis and there were no street lights on this "corniche road" which means windy, cliff top road (like the one Princess Grace died on) and a car was coming straight for us on our side of the road. Terry braked suddenly (luckily no-one was behind us) and the other driver just kept on his merry way! Terry was pretty shaken after that but we made it home, had a little rest and then headed out for dinner for NYE! HUGE DAYS AND NIGHTS! Need to come home for a rest.

Tomorrow we drive to La Rochelle to stay with Terry's second cousin Isabelle. La Rochelle is about a 7 hour drive from here, so on the motorways again and all the toll gates!!! Hopefully the roads aren't too busy with people heading home from holidays as school goes back on Monday here!

We stay with Isabelle until the 6th, when we head up to Paris for our last week! Last uncomfortable adventure will be driving in Paris and returning the car to the airport. NOt looking forward to that one! Parisians all have dented cars!

We hope you all had a great NYE and thanks for the messages and texts, it's great to have contact from home. Sorry to those whose mobile no I don't have. I lost them all when they stole my phone, which seems ages ago now!

Love from Cassis,

m and t xxxxxxxx


TJs main
MJs main unwrapped


mum &dad:
January 2, 2011
we sure did we had joel & elly with us it was great xxxxxx
yvonne colsey:
January 3, 2011
Hi Marlene and Terry ...great Blog! Enjoying living vicariously through your adventures.Happy NY - look forward to catching up soon. Love Yvonne
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